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Crave Dessert Bar

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 5, 2009

Some friends invited me to go to a dessert bar in Uptown named Crave. It opened last week (31 March), and we thought we would give it a try.

My recommendation: No. It was their first weekend open, so I may give it another try after awhile to give them some time to mature, but the train wreck of service I received didn’t leave me with a positive opinion.

Overall: To say the least, I was underwhelmed. The service was crummy. They were out of LOTS of items on the menu. The dessert I did get was good, but not really worth the $8 it cost. I also didn’treally care for the music, which I endured for two and a half hours while we waited.

Ambiance: It has a modern lounge kind of atmosphere, like a martini bar, but not quite what I would call a meat-market.

Menu: As its name might suggest, mostly desserts. The menu is broken up by the type of dessert, for example, “cheesecake” or “chocolate.” Most things appeared to be in the~$8 range. Unfortunately, what is listed on the menu may not actually be available. There is also a complete wine list and drink menu.

Something you won’t find on most menus: Cupcakes. Not just standard “Betty Crocker” cupcakes (not that there’s anything wrong with a Betty Crocker cupcake), but what looked like high-quality, freshly-made, hand-frosted, gourmet, artistic cupcakes. I only got to see them at other tables, though, as all the ones that we ordered, 3 different kinds in total, I believe, were not available.

Service: Poor. I want to be generous here, but they really didn’t give me much to work with. The waitress, while cordial, was horrendous. To be fair, she had two things working against her; she clearly hadn’t had enough time with the menu, and the kitchen ran out of several items. As simple statistic, I believe at least 50% of the table ordered something, and then 15-20 minutes later was told it was not available. This REALLY extends the time it takes to get your dessert. It got to the point that one couple completely cancelled their order, and the General Manager came out to acknowledge that the service was, in fact, unnacceptable. As far as I know, however, no reparations were made. I can’t be sure though, because on of our friend’s mother’s picked up the tab (thanks, Karen!). Either way, it was a rough two and a half hours for a scoop of cheesecake!

Food: I eventually did receive the “Oreo Cheesecake,” I ordered (third item I picked off the menu). It wasn’t served in the typical “slice” form, though, but more like a medium-sized scoop. It was tasty, but not quite as advertised. The description said it would have an Oreo crust, but there was no crust at all; just Oreos (Oreoes?) mixed into the cheesecake! It was good, but I’m not certain it was worth the ~$8 it cost, based on its size OR its flavor.

Of note: As I’ve mentioned before, Crave is new. It was their first weekend. The bar service was fine, but the table service was ghastly. Perhaps, with time, they’ll get the supply-lines hammered out, the service will get some experience and sense of responsibility, and the experience will improve.

I would print the address here, but the web page doesn’t tell you where it is. Good luck finding it.

Crave Dessert Bar on Urbanspoon


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