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Mac’s Speedshop

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 10, 2009

I left work early today to go have lunch with my wife. They have opened a new Mac’s Speedshop in Steele Creek near our house, and we’re big fans of Mac’s. We figured we’d take some time off and spend a lunch together, AND try out the new Mac’s. We had heard it gets VERY busy at lunch (it’s only been open 2 weeks), so we decided to make a late lunch of it in an attempt to miss the crowds, and didn’t arrive until 1:45.

My recommendation: Based on this visit, I would say wait until they hammer out some of the finer points of the new shop, but in general, definitely give Mac’s a try.

Overall: Not our best visit to Mac’s. The service started out pretty crummy, but improved. The food was, indeed, the best I’ve had there.

Ambiance: It’s a biker bar. From the the full complement of parking for motorcycles, to the motorcycle motif, to the motorcycle frame sitting in the waiting area, it’s a biker bar. However, you’ll find your fair share of yuppie wannabe bikers, and people that are just interested in enjoying Charlotte’s “#1 Thing to Do” (self-proclaimed, as far as I can tell).

Menu: BBQ is the main fare, here. They have some great-looking salads, and a significant selection of sandwiches (still largely BBQ-focused). They also have a wonderful assortment of draught and bottle beers, including Magic Hat #9 (Burlington, VT) and Fat Tire (Fort Collins, CO).

Something you won’t find on most menus: Hushpuppies. Good, tasty, probably-out-of-a-frozen-bag, hushpuppies. They are great.

Service: Crappy at first, but improved as the visit went on. We walked in, and no one was there to seat us. I think it took over 3 minutes for anyone to acknowledge us. A waitress handed us two menus and told us we could sit anywhere. We sat down, and it was 13 minutes until anyone came by to take an order (or simply acknowledge us). They were almost apologetic about it. We think it might have had to do with the fact that it was 2 pm. Clearly they were trying to catch up after the lunch rush, which may have caused us to slip through the cracks. After that, though, the service was dynamite. Our drinks came in about a minute. Our appetizer (the delectable hushpuppies) came in a little more than 5 minutes, and our sandwiches were out within 5 minutes of the hushpuppies.

Food: I am a big fan of Texas Beef Brisket, which I understand is mostly blasphemy in this state. But Mac’s has it on the menu, so I indulge myself, along with the mac n’ cheese, which is consistently good, but never great. Today’s beef brisket was the best I’ve ever had from Mac’s, and that IS saying something. It has been hit or miss sometimes, but never a real disappointment. No beer for me today, as it was lunch time, and I THOUGHT I was going to go back to work. Instead, I went home to enjoy a lazy rainy afternoon.

2414 Sandy Porter Road
Charlotte, NC 28273

Mac's Speed Shop BBQ on Urbanspoon


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