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The Melting Pot

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 12, 2009

As is consistent with our tradition of hitting the Melting Pot for Christian holidays, we made reservations for 3 for tonight. Unfortunately, our third couldn’t make it, so it was just the two of us.

My recommendation: If you’ve never been to the Melting Pot, you’re missing out. High quality food, consistently great service, and wonderful ambiance. Just be sure to bring your credit card, or some serious cash, cause it’s not a cheap dinner.
Overall: The service tonight was particularly spectacular, and the food was excellent, as expected.
Ambiance: Quiet, secluded, and personal. Individual booths with individual burners for keeping your personal fondue pot going. The music tonight was a smooth jazz sound; I think I heard Sade twice. It’s the kind of place you should consider having an intimate dinner at, regardless as to how many you have in your party; they can accommodate large groups well, too.
Menu: It’s all fondue, really. Take your pick of any cheese (appetizer), salad, entree, and dessert, as a complete meal. They have complete meals for 2, or individual meals for the loner (or third wheel). They also have an extensive wine menu. I’m not a huge wine guy, mostly beer (in case you missed it), but I do like a nice glass of wine from time to time, and they’ve got them all, I think.
Something you won’t find on most menus: About everything, except salad.
Service: I commented to Amanda how the service is always excellent, but tonight our server, Adam, went above and beyond. Aside from being friendly and personable, right to the point you think he’s going to be intrusive, and then breaking away just in time to be the perfect level of approachable, he provided any number of great recommendations. Our biggest problem with Melting Pot is that we leave stuffed, usually. After the questionable weekend of dining in Asheville, we wanted to go easy, but still have a great meal. He recommended splitting a fondue for two, which we didn’t know that we could do. He basically told us that they can customize anything on the menu, based on what the customer is looking for. Based on his recommendations and accommodating attitude, we were able to get out without totally gorging ourselves.
Food: Tonight we had Swiss cheese “traditional” fondue, Caprese salad, “The French Quarter” (Cajun meat selection) entree, and the S’mores chocolate dessert fondue. One of the things that makes it particularly good, is the cheeses, meats, chocolate, and vegetables are all of very high quality. Altogether, we spent ~$80, but the service was so damn good, we gave him a 25% tip, so we rounded out at $100. Since the evening was pretty slow, the waiter came back and gave us some chocolate-covered strawberries for take-out. Evidently, you can call ahead and get chocolate fondue to-go, and if you’d like to get chocolate-covered strawberries, you just need to call a day ahead.
Note: Since our waiter was so spectacular, I will pass on two more sales pitches he commented on (I think I’m getting them right). First, Tuesdays all wines under $75 are half price. Full-bottles and half-bottles. Second, chocolate and cheese fondues are half price before 7 at the bar, Monday-Thursday. So, if you’re just looking to TRY the Melting Pot, without the commitment of a full meal, try a cheese fondue one evening, just to see what it’s all about. Enjoy!
901 South Kings Drive
Charlotte, NC 28204

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