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The Flying Biscuit

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 19, 2009

With my siblings-in-law in town, along with their respective spouses, we needed a fun place to go to breakfast before our day of North Carolina vineyards. We decided to head to the Flying Biscuit in Stonecrest. As it was almost noon when we got there, it was probably nice that they had lunch available, too.

My recommendation: A fun place to go, and certainly “different,” and if you like eggs, they have a great selection of egg plates. I would generally recommend it for its novelty before recommending it for its food, though.
Overall: The menu is extensive, the servers are friendly, and they do have hearty biscuits, as the name MIGHT suggest.
Ambiance: Funky. With a name like the Flying Biscuit, you would probably be thrown off if you walked in an everyone were wearing suits and ties. The walls are decorated with interesting murals, and even the drop ceiling tiles are all painted in a continuous ceiling-scape. The ambiance is completely consistent with what you might expect from the name.
Menu: Mostly natural selections of biscuits and eggs. There are also selections of sandwiches and pastas. My wife would say it’s healthy food. I, however, do not equate natural with healthy. Butter is not healthy. Butter is not margarine; I understand that, but it’s not healthy. It’s just different.
Something you won’t find on most menus: Creamy, dreamy grits. The grits are particularly creamy (made with some kind of dairy product).
Service: The service is a little slow, but nothing frustrating. The servers are knowledgeable and personable.
Food: I had the special, which was a biscuit with egg and gravy on it. It was awesome. I had a taste of a lot of the food on the table, including my wife’s scrambled eggs with sausage, spinach and pasta in it, and my sister-in-law’s multi-grain peach pancakes. Everything else was fine, and tasty, but the biscuit and gravy with the egg was dyn-o-mite.
7930 Rea Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28277

Flying Biscuit Cafe on Urbanspoon


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