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Taste of Charlotte

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on June 6, 2009

Today, the Husband and I decided to check out the annual Taste of Charlotte in Uptown (that’s Charlotte’s downtown).  I was quite excited as I’ve wanted to go since we moved here, but didn’t have the chance last year.  As a kid, my family used to check out the Taste of Chicago every year as well as smaller ones in the towns around the city.  I also checked out a few while living in DC so I had high hopes for the Charlotte one.  We decided to take the Lynx, Charlotte’s mini light rail system, since we weren’t sure what the parking situation would be.  (I love riding the Lynx but it takes almost no where we want to go… oh well.)

Upon arrival, we found the festival to be many blocks long, with food, shops, and kid play areas (as well as fun air people and balloon animal makers).



One of the unique features of this festival (at least compared to past food festivals I’ve attended) is that they use coins instead of paying for the items with cash (thus cutting down on change making time!).  While you could buy coins individually, they generally sold them in buckets of 15 coins for $20.  All food items ranged from 1 to 3 coins while beverages were 2 to 5 coins (with beer being 4 and wine being 5).

Not wanting to get more than one bucket of coins, we planned our sampling out.  We decided not to stop at any of the restaurants that we’ve been to before and we thought about saving some coins for the Tavern (the Taste of Charlotte’s “beer garden” at the end).

Amelie’s – A French Bakery

The first food tent that lured us over was the french bakery, Amelie’s. We got the Salty Caramel Brownie for 1 coin. Wow! It. was. so. good.  Unfortunately we ate it so quickly I forgot to pull out the camera.  I just love sweet and salty (and chocolatey) together!

Black Finn

Our next stop we decided should be something more filling than a brownie so we stopped at the Black Finn tent.  We’ve wanted to check out this restaurant for a while, as many friends have recommended it, so we were happy to try them out here.


Off their 3 item menu (all the restaurants had approximately 3 options to choose from), we decided to try out the sliders.  Each slider was 1 coin and included a ground beef pattie, grilled onions, and cheese on a potato roll.  It was quite tasty!


Tijuana Flats

As we continued on our way, we came upon many restaurants that we’ve already been to.  Farther down the street, we began seeing folks with a dish that looked quite tasty and finally found it at Tijuana Flats. We discovered the Chicken Flautas for 3 coins (one of the first items we found that really was worth 3 coins in our eyes).  So tasty!


Blue Moon Beer Tent

We were now down to eight coins and satisfied with what we had chosen to eat so we headed to the beer tent.  Blue Moon Brewery was giving away free samples, and while we originally planned on checking them out, we decided that since we’ve had most of them before, we chose to just each get a beer and hang out in the shade.  I chose the Blue Moon Summer Ale while the Husband decided to get a Smithwicks.  He was a good sport and held them so I could take a picture 🙂


All in all we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves.  We just finished watching the movie, Meet the Robinsons, and I highly recommend it! So cute! We’re off in a little bit to check out the Yellow Rose Cafe and Billiards with friends.  Hopefully, I’ll be good and remember to take pictures and tell you all about it soon!


One Response to “Taste of Charlotte”

  1. Danielle said

    I really need to visit Charlotte some time soon… it seems like such a nice city 🙂

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