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Harry’s Tap Room

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on June 14, 2009

After enjoying lunch with our parents at Coastal Flats, the Husband and I were unsure what to do since there were still a few hours left until my flight home (the Husband was planning to stay in town another day for work).  We thought about coffee and then decided to head to Dulles airport early.  At the airport, there’s a mini Harry’s Tap Room and we decided to grab a drink and spend some time together after checking in and dropping off my bag.

I didn’t take a picture of the restaurant (quite hesitant to take pictures inside an airport!), but it had a nice atmosphere, especially knowing that it’s stuck in between two busy airline check-in kiosks.  While this location is the only option at Dulles outside of security, it wasn’t the reason we chose to go here.  Harry’s Tap Room has another location in Arlington, VA which I dined at one Easter with friends.  The food was great and the story behind the restaurant is wonderful!

Harry’s Tap Room is one of the only restaurants in the DC area that uses all organic and/or naturally raised food that I’m aware of.  Since we were still full for lunch, however, we decided to just start with drinks.  For a small, airport location, they had a nice selection of wine and beer.



I’ve been on a Chardonnay kick recently and decided to try the Matchbook Chardonnay.  It was delish! It tasted fruity and buttery while the Husband tasted an oakiness to it.  (I still am not great at picking out the flavors in wine, but I’m getting there!)


The Husband decided to get a beer.  He chose the Harry’s Amber Ale.  He didn’t think it was great, but didn’t seem to terribly dislike it.



Since we knew we’d be sitting for a while, we didn’t want to take up the waiter’s table and not order anything else so we decided to splurge and try the Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  When it arrived, it looked wonderful!  We found that it had nuts in the brownie, which I generally don’t like, but in combination with the other flavors, it was quite good.  (The nuts weren’t listed on the menu so if you’re allergic or really don’t like nuts in your food, make sure to ask the waiter beforehand.)


Clearly, we had no complaints!


Our timing of our drinks and dessert worked out well.  The time at which we finished was when I had planned to make my way through security (which at Dulles can some times take forever!).  We said our good byes and I headed on through and the Husband headed off to see a friend… Can’t wait to have him home tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Harry’s Tap Room”

  1. Danielle said

    Wow that place looks great! Especially dessert.. I think I’d love it there 😉

  2. Stacy said

    Oh, that all looks delish!

  3. hungrywanderers said

    When I saw how the plate looked with the forks when we were done, I knew I had to take a pic to show you all how good it really was!

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