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Nolen Kitchen Happy Hour

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on June 18, 2009

Tonight, the Husband and I met up with Kath and Matt and their friend Annie at Nolen Kitchen here in Charlotte for a happy hour.  Kath is on the Nolen Kitchen mail group and received notice that there would be a happy hour from 5-7 on their patio with free appetizers and $2 beer.  It also said there would be a new brewery, Blowing Rock, there and they would be giving away samples of their new Summer Ale.

The weather had been hot all day so I was nervous about the heat (I’m not a fan!) but as we headed out, it started to cloud over and cool off.  There was lightning in the background so my new concern was rain on the patio, but the weather turned out to be perfect!

We got there early enough that the four of us were able to get a table.  They were just getting set up and we found that the Blowing Rock Summer Ales were free! We each got one to start off…


I think summer ales have to be my favorite and this one did not dissapoint.  The owners came around and introduced themselves.  They told us that they’ve been around for a few years and began distribution about a year ago.  They’re currently contracting the brewing through a brewery in PA but once they know how big their market will be, they’ll be setting up a brewery (I think in Boone, NC – where they’re located?).  When they do, I’m sure our little group of friends will be heading up to check it out.

After a short bit, they brought out another flavor and the boys decided to try the Blowing Rock High Country Ale.  They seemed to enjoy it.


We originally were thinking of holding off on food as we were planning on eating dinner later, but after Matt came back with his plate, the tent and buffet were calling my name.  They had fajitas!  I decided to just get one with a little bit of pork (at least I think that’s what it was), rice, lettuce, and sour cream.  Yum!


After 7, the boys decided to split another beer.  Unfortunately, they were out of the Blowing Rocks so they had a Stella Artois which they enjoyed.

We wrapped up not too much later as I had an online meeting to get to.  I think we’ll definitely head back to Nolen Kitchen some time to taste what they have on their menu.  The servers were quite friendly and the menu looked good.  When we do, I’ll let you know how it goes!


One Response to “Nolen Kitchen Happy Hour”

  1. Stacy said

    Looks like a fun place!

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