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Whitlow’s for the Fourth

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on July 6, 2009

Due to an awesome location and view on the 4th of July, we invited friends down to Arlington for dinner and to check out the fireworks from our hotel room.  We planned on checking out Boulevard Woodgrill in the Clarendon area, but unfortunately for us, they were closed for the holiday.  Luckily, a restaurant that’s quick and fun, Whitlow’s on Wilson, was open across the street.  We quickly got a table and sat down to a good meal.


Whitlow’s has a good selection of beer so the Husband and I each ordered one – a Sam Summer for me and a Magic Hat #9 for him. (Later on he got a Sierra Nevada with his meal.)

The Husband ordered Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Tomato.  It came with tasty fries and pickles (extra for him) and in the background you can see the Mac N Cheese he ordered.


I ordered the Portobella Mushroom Panini and a side of Mac N Cheese.  The sandwich came with portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and onions.  (It normally comes with pesto but I ordered it without.)  It should have had mozarella but it was missing – it was still delicious without it and I had more than enough cheese in the mac.  It was actually the best restaurant mac n cheese I’ve had in a long time!


I ate all of the mac n cheese saving half of the sandwich for another day 🙂

Whitlow’s is a great place to go with friends, for lunch, for dinner, or just for drinks for happy hour or a Sturday night.  If you’re around on a Monday night, be sure to check out their half price burgers!

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