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Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on July 18, 2009

On one of my recent trips to the DC area, I read about a contest for the best froyo between two local places that had opened in the area since my move away a few years ago: SweetGreen vs TangySweet.  I looked up the locations of both and found that SweetGreen is located in Dupont Circle and Georgetown (both in DC) and Bethesda (in Maryland just outside of DC).  Georgetown was walkable from my hotel (a long walk, but walkable) so I decided to check it out one night.


This location was a cute little shack with a handful of tables outside.  Inside it was wood lined with green signs with your options of salads.  (Now, SweetGreen is actually not just a froyo place – they also do salads.)


Similar to places like Chipotle and Subway, you can see all the toppings and pick them out as you go… here are the salad toppings.


At the end of the line, they mix up your salad near the fro yo toppings


Since I’d already had dinner, just froyo for me that night!  They have one flavor – tart – and two sizes – small and large.  You get 3 toppings (fruit & “crunch”) included and each extra topping is 50 cents.

Here’s my yogurt coming out of the machine 🙂


I knew on my walk over exactly what toppings I would get – raspberries, strawberries, and chocolate chips.


After ordering, I saw that the girl behind me got granola which would have been a fabulous option.

Now, overall, I thought this was a fine cup of froyo, but I didn’t love it.  They do label the flavor accurately because it is tart.  I think I would have liked something more creamy better and I wish they had put more toppings on, but I would probably come back if I were in the area again.  The chocolate chips were SO good and the fruit was fresh and not syrupy which I appreciated.

Definitely check out their website –  They appear to be a truly green company.  The cups and spoons are compostable and they had reusable bags for sale.  I found on their website that they also have the option to buy a bowl, and if you bring it back you get an extra veggie on your salad for free.  They’re cute bowls that could be used for other to go bowl items.


I’ll definitely head back one day to try their salads and imagine I’ll be back for more froyo if I’m in the area 🙂

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2 Responses to “SweetGreen”

  1. Ally said

    LOVE SweetGreen! I actually work at a bank down the street from the Georgetown location (and i live in walking distance from the Bethesda one) so I frequent it a lot, haha. It was started by a few seniors at Georgetown University as a senior project and blossomed into this! My friend also works at Front Page in Dupont, haha small world!

    • hungrywanderers said

      How fun! As far as I know we don’t have any of these tangy frozen yogurt places in Charlotte, so I look forward to coming back soon 🙂

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