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Blue Ridge Brewery

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on August 10, 2009

After lunch at Trio and exploring the cute downtown area, we headed back to the hotel to relax for a few hours.  When 7:30 rolled around, we figured we should head back out to see the city at night.  We weren’t yet hungry, but were quite thirsty, and decided to head to the Blue Ridge Brewing Co. for some beers, which the Husband had actually been to twice that week with colleagues.


I found it to be a very cute brewpub!  Each of the tables had the floorplan of the restaurant carved into the top.


Since we weren’t hungry, we went straight for the drinks.  The menu listed four main ones and two specialty (on the back).  The options were the Kurli Blonde Ale, the Colonial Paris Pale Ale, the Rainbow Trout ESB, and the Total Eclipse Stout.


As recommended by the Husband and our awesome waitress Mia, I went with the Kurli Blonde Ale.  So good! Light and refreshing 🙂

IMG_0108 IMG_0112

The Husband ordered the Colonial Paris Pale Ale.  Also a good choice!

IMG_0109 IMG_0113

The Husband and I chitchatted while we enjoyed our brews, just enjoying each other’s company.  I took some pictures of the inside of the restaurant but only one came out well enough…


As we finished our first round, we were eyeballing the appetizer menu.  The Spicy Fried Okra Fingers sounded wonderful!


And they were!  Now, I never had okra before I moved to the south.  The Husband introduced it to me about a year ago and I fell in love.  A lot of folks don’t like the stickiness of the insides (or sliminess to some) but there’s something about it that’s just so good.  This version, with a spicy breading and spicy dip, was wonderful!


On to Round 2 of beers!  This time we flipped the menu over to try the seasonal beers.  I ordered the Brown Bag Ale which is claimed to be their most popular seasonal ever.

IMG_0120 IMG_0116

At first, I actually didn’t like it.  It was chocolaty which I wasn’t expecting.  I sipped it at first.  Luckily though I’m a slow drinker.  Once it became room temperature, it was wonderful!  The Husband pointed out that’s the way traditional English brews are supposed to be enjoyed and a lot of Americans don’t like them since we are so used to drinking our beers cold.  So, the next time you have an English beer, if you don’t like it, wait till it’s room temperature and try again!

The Husband went with the Bolt Cutter IPA.  He traditionally hasn’t been a fan of IPAs, but they’ve been growing on him recently.  He enjoyed this one and was happy with his choice!

(Caught him with okra in his mouth!)

IMG_0121 IMG_0117

Two beers in and one appetizer down, we decided we weren’t hungry for entrees for dinner.  We were planning on getting ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery later so we decided to get one more appetizer to share: Pimento Cheese Dip.  SO. SO. GOOD.


Pimento cheese dip is another thing I hadn’t had until I moved to the south.  Kelsey introduced it to us at a potluck at our house one night.  If you haven’t had any, I highly recommend it!

Overall, the Blue Ridge Brewing Co. was awesome! (I can see why it was the Husband’s 3rd visit in the week.)  The food was delish, the beers refreshing, and service so friendly and knowledgeable.  There’s no doubt we’ll be back the next time we’re in Greenville!

Blue Ridge Brewing Co on Urbanspoon


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