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Tilted Kilt

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on August 10, 2009

For about a year now, every time the Husband and I head down to our local shopping center to run errands and grocery shop, we’ve passed an empty restaurant that used to be Damon’s, wondering what would come next.  A few weeks ago, we finally got our answer: The Tilted Kilt.  The Husband and some friends went a few weeks ago and told me that it was like Hooters with a Scottish twist.  Trying to imagine what that was like, I decided I wanted to check it out for dinner on Friday night.


Upon arrival, I saw the similarity to Hooters.  All of the waitresses are dressed in very tiny skirts that are reddish kilt colored, plaid bras, and white dress shirts tied under the bras.  The boobs are definitely in your face!  Now, many may feel that Hooters and a place like this is demeaning to women.  I will point out, however, that these women choose to work there and to display their bodies while waitressing.  I heard recently that when they’re hired they sign model contracts (I guess this is how they can hire just women as waitresses and also regulate what they wear?).

So, back to the restaurant.  I wasn’t expecting great tasting food (the joke is that people go to Hooter’s for their hot wings, right?) but was interested in seeing what they had to offer.


The Husband and I decided to get an appetizer and both agreed that Irish Nachos looked potentially good.  And wow! They were 🙂 I was concerned that the cheese sauce would taste like that fake cheese a lot of places use, but it didn’t!

IMG_0125 IMG_0130

For entrees, we coincidentally both planned to order their Chicken Tenders.  We consulted before ordering, however, decided I’d order something else and share.  The chicken tenders tasted like traditional chicken tenders.  The star of this dish was the Cayenne Ranch.  I love the mixture of spice and creaminess!  The Husband felt that the chicken was dry, but I thought they weren’t too bad.

IMG_0126 IMG_0132

I ordered the Gaelic Chicken.  The menu described it as pan seared chicken breasts sauteed with mushrooms and onions with an Irish Whiskey Cream Sauce and a side of Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

IMG_0127 IMG_0131

Both our waitress and the waitress who delivered the food raved about this choice so I had higher expectations than usual for this dish.  The dish did not disappoint!  While the mashed potatoes didn’t taste garlicy at all, the overall dish was wonderful – not at all what I expected from a restaurant like this.

Overall, the only real complaint we had was that our entrees were brought out about 4 minutes after our appetizer arrived (well and the Husband felt the chicken was dry), but I think we’ll definitely be back.  There were a ton of tvs showing sports, so in the fall when we want to watch the Redskins’s games, I imagine one or two of them will be watched here.

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2 Responses to “Tilted Kilt”

  1. Stacy said

    Okay, I had to chuckle when you wrote you worried about the cheese sauce tasting fake…. was that because some of the boobs were?

    Love the name!

  2. hungrywanderers said

    ha ha 🙂 it was more of a concern for cheese wiz (or something of that sort)

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