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Colonial Williamsburg

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on August 15, 2009

We originally planned to go to the beach and out on the boat today, but the weather wasn’t guaranteed to cooperate with us.  So, after lunch at Doumar’s, we decided to head to Colonial Williamsburg, only 30-40 miles away.  What we expected to be a 30 to 40 minute drive turned into an hour and a half 😦 Apparently, folks are scared of driving normal speeds in the tunnel…

But we saw some pretty clouds along the way



We arrived at the Williamsburg Visitor’s Center, parked, and headed in to learn what was up with tickets.


The walkway to the building from the parking lot included a waterfall fountain…


… and a raised map of the entire historical area.


The Visitor’s Center was quite large with many shops and informational areas.


As we walked into the building, an awesome family offered us their shuttle tickets as they were heading home.  We got 4 from them and needed 2 more and found out that they were only $2 each!  This, however, only gets you down into the historical area (which is walkable – but it was raining on and off).  We only planned on being there for an hour or two and have been many times in our lives so we chose not to go for their regular tickets which allow you into each of the buildings on display.  We would gain access to shops, restaurants, and the walkable streets  which was just fine for us.  For longer visits, we highly recommend their tickets to see the actual sites – it’s fun for the whole family!


The shuttle dropped us off near a number of old buildings.

IMG_0439 IMG_0440

IMG_0441 IMG_0448

We saw horse carriages 🙂

IMG_0442 IMG_0447

And there was fun picture taking opportunities…

IMG_0444 IMG_0445

More pretty buildings…



Once we made it to the shopping district, we checked out a nut store and weaved in and out of the shopping areas but didn’t buy much.

And then we found Thomas Jefferson busy writing the Declaration of Independence!



One Response to “Colonial Williamsburg”

  1. Bec said

    Aww, CW! Since this is your food blog, the next time you go (however distant in the future that may be) I highly recommend you grab lunch at The Cheese Shop, which has excellent sandwiches and is just off of DoG Street (the main CW drag). It’s a Williamsburg institution. We used to go grab sandwiches and drinks there and find shady spots to sit and enjoy them around CW or on campus. You always knew a mid-day seminar was worth going to if lunch was provided by The Cheese Shop, and RAs knew they’d have a better chance of getting people to come to their events if they advertised that there would be “Bread Ends and House” there (which is cheap Cheese Shop college student food; the bread ends that can’t be used for sandwiches, and this awesomely delicious “house” dressing for dipping). Mmm, bread ends and house…

    I could recommend close to a dozen other fantastic restaurants in Williamsburg, too…I miss eating in Williamsburg! So many tasty things! 🙂

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