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Two Days in Nuremburg

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on August 19, 2009

The first city on our river cruise was Nuremberg, Germany.  We flew into Munich on an overnight flight from DC and arrived bright and early the next morning.  After finding the Gate1 representative, we were off with a handful of other cruisers on the shuttle to Nuremberg!


Not having been on a river cruise before, we were expecting to arrive to the port and to have to wait to board until the afternoon.  We were pleasantly surprised to arrive around 10am being allowed to board the ship!  We were limited to the lounge and hallways so we explored a little and relaxed.  They announced that a shuttle would be going into the city if we were interested, so we jumped at the chance to check out our first city 🙂  The shuttle dropped us off right at the Christmas Market.

According to their webpage, the Nuremberg Christmas Market is one of the oldest in Germany, dating back to the 1600s.  It opens the Friday before the first Advent Sunday (after Thanksgiving is my translation 🙂 ) and goes until Christmas Eve.  It’s located in Nuremberg’s Hauptmarkt, a large central square in the older part of Nuremberg.  The following photos are of the Nuremberg Castle (Kaiserburg) and the beautiful areas overlooking the market.





Down on the main street level of the market there was a stagecoach that provided rides around the market.



Here we saw the Schöner Brunnen (beautiful fountain).  There’s a fence around it with a ring called the Nuremberg Ring which brings good luck if you touch it 🙂 There was a legend that went along with the ring where if you turn it one way it brings you general good luck and if you turn it the other way, it brings you luck in fertility!


Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures of the market itself but it was huge! Lots of places to buy gifts, but unfortunately we didn’t buy anything 😦  We expected the other Christmas Markets to carry similar items, and while they carried a lot of the generic gifts, we missed out on a lot of amazing items at this one!  Hopefully we’ll be back again one day!

We enjoyed some Gluhwein (mulled wine) in very cute little mugs.  They helped to keep us warm!  We ended up keeping our mugs as souvenirs (I still use mine for small cups of coffee), but we could have returned them and gotten a deposit back.

We also made sure to get the Nurnberger Bratwursts which are mini bratwursts, on a sandwich roll, with an amazing spicy brown mustard.  So Good! We’ve tried to find the mustard since our return but haven’t found anything that is quite as good.

After a few hours in the market our first day, we headed back to the boat to nap!  The cruise headed back to the market that night but we held off going again until the next day.  Day 2 was spent touring the city in a motorcoach.  We saw many Nazi sites but failed to take any photos of them :-/  Here are some views of the city during the drive…




After the morning tour, we spent a few more hours at the market before boarding the boat and begin our sail down the Danube toward Regensburg……..


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