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Regensburg, Germany

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on August 20, 2009

After our first few days in Nuremburg, Day 3 brought us to Regensburg, Germany – the home of the current pope!   Our tour here was a walking tour and we were looking forward to it instead of being on a bus.  While Nuremburg’s port was not in walking distance to the downtown, Regensburg’s port was – this was our view as soon as we stepped off of the boat – the Regensburg Stone Bridge.


Our tour started at the bridge and took us to the old city gate.



From many locations in the old town, we had good views of the Regensburg Cathedral.



Many cute little streets with shops along the way.  Our walking group had many slow walkers so the Husband and I enjoyed the scenery and appreciated that it wasn’t too cold that day 🙂


Our last stop on the walk was the Town Hall with a large Christmas Tree out front.



A view of the cathedral from the Town Hall.


Then we went on to the Christmas Market!  This one was way smaller than the Nuremberg one, but still enjoyable.



On our way back to the boat, we stopped into the cathedral to have a look around.  I love visiting churches and cathedrals.  It just amazes me to think about how they were built!


There was a tribute to Pope Benedict adding a modern touch to all of the gothic elements of the cathedral.


Before making our way all the way back to the boat, we stopped to get spiked Hot Chocolate and an amazing pizza pretzel.  Yum-o!


The mugs were the same type that we had in Nuremburg for our Gluhwein, but were special to Regensburg.



As the sun went down, we had a beautiful view of the cathedral with the christmas market and christmas tree all in one.


We headed back to the boat for dinner and to set sail to our next port, Passau


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