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Posted by gingerbreadpirate on September 26, 2009

If you read my review of Red Mango, you know this newly-popular frozen yogurt (no sugar added) thing is not something I’m high on.  Well, the Wife’s cousin, a professor at Marymount University, had a student that moved to Charlotte and opened a frozen yogurt store in Noda.  We had tried to go visit one before, when her cousin was in town, but it was closed (we arrived after 9 pm).  We’ve been trying to get back since then…. well, the Wife’s been trying to get back.  I’ve been dreading the social obligation of eating what I expected to be something akin to two-month old milk blended with a half dozen whole lemons.  After my parents came to visit for dinner (we went to Zada Jane’s), we made our way up to Tasty-Yo.


We found the shop on a cute, quaint up-and-coming street in Noda.  We popped inside, and while cute, the shop was a bit spartan, but well-decorated.  All the requisite amenities were there, though; seats, an eating bar, counter, toppings section, yogurt machine, etc.


The young woman behind the counter was friendly and informative.  Each yogurt purchase comes with three toppings, with several combinations recommended/suggested.

I ordered the small “berry good” yogurt, which came with blueberries, strawberries, and raspberry drizzle.  I hoped the yogurt tanginess, which I had experienced at Red Mango, would be masked by the berries.  Evidently, the blueberries are only available while they are in season, so they were out.  She asked if I’d like to substitute anything.  Being a sucker for chocolate, I asked for chocolate chips.


My socially-obligated yogurt in hand, it didn’t look too bad.  The Wife ordered her yogurt, strawberries, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup.  Hers didn’t look too bad, either.


Hesitantly, I grabbed a spoon.  I plunged my spoon in, trying to get more strawberries than yogurt, with just a couple chocolate chips, for the chocolate chips at Red Mango had done nothing to help the tangomonium.  I put the spoon in my mouth.

Wow… this wasn’t too bad.  I reached for another bite, adjusting the ratio of strawberries to yogurt to something more 50-50.

It wasn’t too bad either.  I tried a bite with just a couple chocolate chips.

The Wife was clearly pleased with hers.  She asked me, hesitantly, “How’s your’s?”  I said, as much in surprise to myself as her, “Good.”

Hmmm…. not only was it “not too bad”… it WAS “good.”

I continued to reduce any kind of taste-masking items until I had spoonfuls of just yogurt.  It was reasonably plain, with completely unoffensive flavor, but very creamy and tasty texture.  The toppings were generous and flavorful, but not overbearing.  Not only was this dessert completely passable, but it was something I would even seek out as a pleasant after-dinner treat, or maybe a mid-afternoon delight.

As we walked out, I said, “I want to write this blog entry.  Not only is this something that I don’t mind, it’s something that I would say that I like, and furthermore, it’s something I would recommend to someone looking for a cool, tasty treat.”

I think that’s about the most thorough endorsement I can give.

Yogurt, you have redeemed yourself.

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4 Responses to “Tasty-Yo”

  1. Catherine said

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the yogurt. Next time we’re driving through Charlotte, we’ll have yogurt at Tasty Yo before dinner! The Wife’s Cousin

  2. Kath said

    I had NO IDEA this store existed!!! TAKE ME THERE!

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