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Charlotte’s Campground Massacre

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on October 3, 2009

After our trip to the Waldhorn last night, in celebration of Oktoberfest, our friends talked us into going to the Campground Massacre off of Gold Hill Rd. near Fort Mill, SC.  I was not exactly excited.

I’m not much of a fan of “scary” stuff.  I don’t care for horror flicks, believing that directors rely on suspense-building music, and someone jumping out of a closet to scare the audience, rather than actual plot-driven events, and what the audience DOESN’T see to provide a sense of “what’s going to happen next?” anticipation.  My general experience with haunted houses and Halloween mazes, is that the use of loud sounds (music, effects, etc.), coupled with strobe lights or other blinding lights, dull and disorient the senses.  This disorientation allows some under-sexed, hyperhormonal 17 year-old to jump from behind a door, screaming in my ear, and getting so close that I can smell the subtle scent of Beast Lite from behind a rubber mask of what appears Uncle Lester with his eyes sewn shut.

I was prepared for this assault on my senses, as our friend, sensing my hesitance, bought our tickets for us. I appreciated the gesture, although it really wasn’t necessary; I had committed, and the tickets were even discounted.  Next time we go out, the brews will be on me.

The first thing that made this event distinctly different from other haunted events I’ve been to, including Scarowinds, is that it’s in the woods.  It’s not in a field.  It’s not in a house (although there are structures).  It’s in the woods.  We walked down a long path to a small waiting area.  A couple things made us jump, and generally put us in the mood.

Once at the waiting area, a young woman dressed as a witch told us the rules for the massacre trail; namely that we may not touch the props, the actors WILL NOT touch us, and to turn off our cell phones.  Then after a short tractor ride through a trailer park, yes, a trailer park, we were at our destination.  In all honesty, the ride through the trailer park, along with the large, bright moon periodically peeking through the partially-overcast sky,  really added a lot to the experience, too.  I wonder if the weather was planned…

The massacre was really well done.  I had a good time, and I think probably the best part of it, which made it different form other similar events, was that I didn’t feel like the  actors actually invaded my personal space.  Our group walked, slowly, holding on to the person behind and in front, plodding through the woods.  My friend behind me nearly broke my finger with how hard she squeezed my finger.  The Wife commented a couple times, nervously, when she lost hold of her forerunner.  Eventually, we returned to the tractor, and caught a ride back to the exit.  All of us were impressed, and our friend’s credibility was saved.

If you have a chance, head to the massacre.   Tickets are progressively less discounted  as Halloween approaches, and if you have a really good time, you might even go back!


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