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Dean & Deluca

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on November 1, 2009

Yesterday, after participating in the Charlotte Runway 5K, Kath, Matt, the Husband and I decided to meet up again later in the day for lunch and pedicures (for the girls) and books and beer (for the boys).  Knowing that we’d be eating a lot at our respective Halloween festivities, we wanted to go light with our late lunch and decided to go with Dean & Deluca for sandwiches and salads.

My first exposure to Dean & Deluca was in college watching one of my favorite shows at the time: Felicity 🙂 (Anybody else love the show??)  My first actual time getting to go to a Dean & Deluca was while living in Washington, DC (the city proper).  There was a location in Georgetown and I remember having some amazing macaroni & cheese!

Since becoming friends with Kath, I’ve been to both Charlotte locations and go to them when I want to splurge on some amazing salad!



It was a gloomy day here in Charlotte so we decided to sit inside instead of outside where there were plenty of tables looking over a fountain.

Before Kath and Matt arrived, the Husband and I perused the many display cases and shelves of yummy gourmet foods.  There were cakes


Other desserts, mini cakes, tarts, and pastries…


A hot and cold food bar… (where I would have found mac & cheese if they had any!)


And chilled beverages…


In addition to the prepared foods, you’re able to have salads, sandwiches, and pizzas made from scratch for you.




As planned, I got a small salad.  I went with their House Salad (which I love!).  It has mixed greens, goat cheese, roasted red peppers, pine nuts, and balsamic vinagarette on the side.  They don’t skimp on the goat cheese and it’s awesome!


Because it was slightly chilly, I was also looking for something to warm me up.  I went with a small Tomato Ravioli soup.  Lots of fresh vegetables and large raviolis.  I would definitely get this again!


The Husband went with a Ham & Brie sandwich which he had heated up on the panini press.  He said the sandwich was just “ok” – there were onions in a sauce that were just way too strong for his taste :-/


On the side, he tried the Dean & Deluca Spicy Potato Chips.  We each tried one and agreed that they weren’t at all spicy but were very tasty.


Kath’s salad unfortunately had a lot of lettuce in it that had gone bad.  However, she took it up to the counter and they gladly made her a new one that was way better.

This was a great light lunch before we headed off for our pedicures and books/beer 🙂

Have any of you been to any of the other Dean & Deluca locations? What did you think?

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3 Responses to “Dean & Deluca”

  1. Jocelyn said

    All of the cakes look realy good 🙂 I don’t think we have dean and deluca here in Canada unless they have one in Toronto 🙂
    I used to watch Felicity all the time and always wanted to go to one in NYC lol.

  2. emyline12 said

    So funny – when I first moved to Charlotte D&D was one of the first places we went. I kept telling Casey we haaad to go because it was SO GOOD. He asks when I’ve had it before, and I have to fess up – NEVER. “But Felicity and Ben worked there, and I’ve always wanted to go!”

    Totally loved that show. Watched it til the bitter end, probably long after I should have stopped!

    Yay for yoga! Looking forward to doing it again:)

  3. traveleatlove said

    I loved Felicity! And Dean & Deluca is great; I wish we had one here.

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