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We’re going to DisneyWorld!

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on November 20, 2009


Well… I’m turning 30.

I never thought it would happen.  And if it did, it would happen WAY far away in the future.  Somehow, WAY far away has become 6 days, now; nearly ephemeral.

Having your birthday around a holiday has its ups and downs.  As I recall, it seemed like I had to have my birthday parties sometime in October, just to make sure my 3 closest friends could make it.   Growing up, we got to have whatever we wanted for dinner on our birthday.  I never chose Turkey.

But my family was always there.  We usually traveled to visit the extended family in Ohio when I was growing up, so it was nice that everyone in the Fam celebrated my birthday every year.

This year, I’ll turn 30 on Thanksgiving.  It happens about once every seven years, and it just so happens that it’s all coming together this year.  Last year, my wife suggested that we do something “special” for my birthday this year.  I responded, “We will do something special; my birthday’s on Thanksgiving, and we’ll likely be with our families, and I’ll have turkey and watch football.”

She reminded me that I was turning 30, and suggested we do something REALLY special.  After thinking about it, and after seeing the “get into DisneyWorld free on your birthday” promotion that Disney started in January, we had our goal.

So, tomorrow morning, we’re off to DisneyWorld.  It really is one of my favorite places.  It’s actually not about the “kid in me” that makes me love it.  Being an engineer, I’m perpetually fascinated by how smoothly everything on the resort runs.  Everything is done “right.”   I love watching the symphony of events that make my luggage magically appear in my hotel room on the resort from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.  I’m amazed at how everything’s clean, and yet you almost never see anyone cleaning.  Every detail is taken care of, and I’m amazed they haven’t missed anything.

Better yet, my family is coming.  My parents and brother and his wife are joining us; family together for my birthday, as always.  Better still, the Wife’s family is joining us; the whole group, parents, siblings, and spouses.  My best friend is going to make it, and we even have some friends from here in Charlotte that will be at the resort while we’re there.

I can’t wait.

My favorites will all be there, EPCOT and Illuminations being right at the top of my list.   But if our reader has any new places for us to check out, though, EMAIL US!  We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!



3 Responses to “We’re going to DisneyWorld!”

  1. Kath said


  2. Jaclyn said

    Happy early birthday! Can’t wait to hear about all your Disney eats!

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