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We’ve made it to DisneyWorld!!!

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on November 22, 2009

After a reasonably easy flight, and short trip on Disney’s Magical Express, we’re here!   Check out the room from our hotel room balcony!

We can even see EPCOT from our room!  See the little white nob over the corner of the hotel?!?  It’s like we’re right there!!

Last night, we walked around EPCOT and then headed over to the Magic Kingdom.  They have the castle all decked out for the holiday season.  It was gorgeous.

So, we’re hoping to have blog posts throughout the week about where we went, what we did, etc.  We DO have internet access ($9.99/day, unfortunately).  We’re also going to try to get the rest of the Atlanta posts up while we’re here… we’ll see if we get to that.  I have to say that blogging really is a nice, relaxing thing to do in the mornings!

We hope everyone is having safe, efficient travels to their Thanksgiving destinations.  Right now, my parents are stuck in Atlanta with airline problems.  Evidently, they only had 35 minutes for their connection, which they were assured was plenty of time by Airtran (30 minutes was quoted as the company policy for Atlanta transfers), and yet they missed their connection after 25 minutes in the landing pattern.  Hopefully, they’ll get in today.

We’ll end with a couple more pictures.


One Response to “We’ve made it to DisneyWorld!!!”

  1. nice photos, the castle one is an instant classic 🙂

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