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Rio All-suite Hotel & Casino

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on December 8, 2009

I’ve been to Las Vegas several times.  If my count is correct, I have been there no less than ten times prior to this most recent trip, and most of those trips were before I met the Wife.  .  I have always tried to stay at a different hotel whenever I’ve gone, although I am quite fond of the Monte Carlo, and have stayed there a couple times.

Since on this trip, we were traveling for professional reasons, and would have a rental car at our disposal, the need to use the hotel as a staging point for the playground that is the Strip, wasn’t as pressing.  When the wife asked me where we should stay, I through out a couple ideas.  First off, when it comes to visiting Vegas, I live by  I took a look, and thought that maybe TI or Paris would be suitable, as neither of us have either stayed at either hotel.  After doing some rate searching, though, the $38/night rate at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.

The first thing I noticed when we got to Vegas was that it was dead.  Even when I was in Vegas three months after 9/11, and general travel was dead, I hadn’t seen Vegas this empty.  We were able to park in the first row of the parking lot, on the most convenience deck.  On two occasions, we walked through a good part of the casino, and there was NO ONE on any slot machines.  It was amazing, and certainly helped explain the $38/night rate.

Considering how empty the hotel was, I was a little surprised we were put in the room we were put in.  We clearly had a discount rate, I know, but the hotel room was on a lower floor (24th), directly adjacent to the elevators.  I didn’t expect the Presidential Suite, but they really could have “wowed” me with a nice room on an upper floor with a great view of the Strip, particularly when I’m SURE plenty of nicer rooms available.  That being said, we did receive a nice room, commensurate with the rate which we were paying.  Take a look.


I generally think of a suite as having at least two rooms.  This was, indeed, a large room, but it wasn’t two rooms.  I’m not calling ‘Shenanigans,’ and perhaps I had set my expectations a little high, but I was looking forward to a two-room suite in Vegas, like some kind of high roller.


It had a sizable vanity area with a nice large mirror and plenty of lights.  You can also see the mini-fridge (not to be confused with the mini-bar, which was in the cabinet below the TV).


For as large as the room, it was surprising how small the bathroom was, particularly the vanity area.  The bathroom was so small, and the bathroom door was so big, we had a hard time getting in and out of the bathroom without having to sit on the toilet.  It was nothing short of awkward.


Nice shower-tub, but perhaps a little dated.


The showerhead was a bit spartan, but completely functional.  The number one priority for ME in the shower, is plenty of hot water, which the Rio graciously provided.


I don’t think I would stay at the Rio again, simply because it didn’t “wow” me, and it doesn’t have a great location.  Also, as I mentioned above, I like to try to stay at different hotels in Vegas, whenever I go.  While it is home to one of Vegas’ best buffets, and Penn & Teller, a personal favorite for shows, is there, I would rather travel TO the Rio from the Strip, then travel TO the Strip from the Rio.


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