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Comfort Suites Las Colinas – Dallas, TX

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on December 16, 2009

During our recent trip to Dallas, we were looking for an inexpensive hotel with nice amenities, near the airport where the Wife would be having her meetings for work.  As I have said before, I am a big ChoiceHotels fan, but this trip took on a special meaning, as I was only 2 nights away from Diamond status, with the year quickly coming to a close.  I looked on Choice’s online search page, and came up with the Comfort Suites Las Colinas.  The price and location were right.  It turns out the staff was remarkably friendly and accommodating, too.

IMG_1204 As you can see, the room was a nice big size, with plenty of room to stretch out, or use our laptops.  I believe the couch was a foldout, as well.  The lighting in the room was alright, but there was no centralized light switch that provided lighting throughout the room.  Each light had to be turned on individually, and none provided adequate light for the entire room.IMG_1205

The room did not have an HDTV, which was fine, but it did have a coffee-maker, refrigerator, and microwave.


The bathroom was well-appointed, and included a nice-Jacuzzi tub.  The faucet, however, was all messed up.  Clearly, a piece had been missing from it that allowed it to function completely correctly, but as it was, getting the water to turn on was a complete feat of puzzle-mastery; getting the water to an appropriate temperature was an act of sheer willpower.  Our first morning in the hotel, it took us almost 10 minutes to find an acceptable temperature.


The amenity below was a nice touch.  It allowed us to use our laptop in bed, without having the heat from the laptop become a chore.  Certainly, I had seen a lap-desk before, but never one offered at a hotel.  IMG_1208


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