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Tasty Yo Moves South

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on December 21, 2009

Hi readers! It’s the Wife and I’m back to blogging! Not only did I finish grad school and graduate this weekend, but…

This weekend Tasty Yo finally opened up their new location in the Ballantyne/Blakeney area of Charlotte and I couldn’t have been more excited. The location in Noda made the Husband and I fall in love with the new, healthier style of frozen yogurt but Noda can be quite a hike from our home in Southwest Charlotte.  Once we learned a new location would open in South Charlotte, we counted down the weeks.  After a few delays, the new location opened this past Sunday and looks great!


One of the highlights of the new location, other than the slightly closer location (although not as close as we imagined in our heads) is a new flavor: Pomegranate-Raspberry!  Going in, I wasn’t sure if I would try the new flavor, knowing I already love the original tart.  Once in though, the super friendly staff didn’t have to say much to convince me – I could have original tart, pomegranate-raspberry, or swirl!  I decided to give it a whirl and go with a swirl!

Having come from a big graduation dinner, I decided to go with a small but was quite impressed with the many options for sizes.  One day, I think I’ll definitely get a pint to take home…


While my yogurt cup was being filled, I debated about which 3 toppings to get (complimentary).  I decided to go with my go-to first topping: chocolate chips.  I’m not sure where they get them, but they are GOOD!  For my other toppings, I chose chocolate sprinkles and fresh strawberries.   I was also offered a sauce and decided on chocolate (I love me some chocolate!).


The Husband decided to go with an original tart and added chocolate chips, oreos, and blackberries with a raspberry sauce.  I shared a bite of mine so he could try the new flavor and he decided he was a fan.


(The Husband couldn’t wait for a picture before digging in!)

We enjoyed our yogurts with this cute little guy keeping us company:

IMG_1939Having arrived a few minutes before closing, we very much appreciated the super friendly staff not rushing us out, allowing us to enjoy our frozen treats! I failed to get a good photo of the outside of the location – it is slightly tucked away in a new shopping center called Robinson Farm, but this helpful sign helped us find our way.

IMG_1942 Again, we’re quite excited to have this new Tasty Yo location just a little bit closer than Noda.  If you haven’t tried Tasty Yo yet and live in the Charlotte area, now you have no excuse because each location is convenient depending on where you live!

For those of you on Twitter, be sure to follow them to get updates and discounts!

While you’re at it, you can find us on Twitter too! I finally got our account set up while one of my many procrastination study breaks over the last few weeks 🙂

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2 Responses to “Tasty Yo Moves South”

  1. Kath said

    How did you guys, Kate + Nate, me, Emily and Caitlin all go to Tasty-yo in 24 hours and not go together?!?!?

    Wednesday night after dinner?? Will you be around?

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