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Uncle Buck’s Brewery & Steakhouse

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on December 28, 2009

Where did December go? And for that matter, where did 2009 go? Now that I’m back to blogging (thank you to the Husband for keeping this going these last few weeks all by himself!) you’ll get all sorts of fun posts – from Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando/Disney, and even all the way back to finishing my posts about our Christmas vacation to Europe in December 2008!

So back to Dallas, which the Husband briefly covered a few weeks ago with the awesome architecture (which I actually didn’t see in person) and El Chico, the delicious Tex Mex we had the first night we arrived (oh, and our hotel!).

Saturday morning the Husband and I visited with our dear friends we met just a year earlier on our river cruise down the Danube.  We had a wonderful time catching up on the past year and enjoying a delicious home cooked brunch.  The Husband then dropped me off for my meetings while he headed into the city to see what Dallas had to offer.  Once my meetings were done for the day, the Husband, some of my colleagues and I headed over to the Grapevine Mills shopping center, just north of the airport, in search of dinner.  Using my handy iPhone, I came across Uncle Buck’s Brewery & Steakhouse and knew that was the one.





The restaurant was quite large with incredibly high ceilings (as seen above).  We were seated in a nice large booth for our good size group.  On the way in, we noted the brewery equipment and looked forward to checking out the beer menu.


The Husband and I both decided to get the samplers!



That’s a lot of beer! We ended up being there a couple of hours chatting and eating so it worked out well 🙂 If I recall correctly, I really liked both the Brown and Blonde Ales.

While enjoying our beers, the table decided to order calamari to share amongst the group.  It had parmesan on it which was a bit odd, but overall it tasted fresh and there were no fillers.


Being a brewery and steakhouse, there were a number of steaks to choose from on the menu.


Most, if not all, of the group decided to go with Buffalo per the menu’s recommendation (in red).  I went with the Buffalo Filet (I love filets – they’re my favorite cut).  It was 8oz of steak with a red wine sauce on the side.  I ordered mushrooms to top it with and a side of asparagus.  The cup of mushrooms was insanely large! This meal was quite enjoyable.


The Husband went with the Sirloin (I think!).  He added grilled shrimp and had a loaded baked potato on the side.


One of my colleagues noticed that another table had Dirt Cake/Pie (pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms) on their table so he and I were excited to order that for dessert.  Unfortunately, that was not an option for adults 😦 Although dessert was not big on our list, some how there were a handful ordered!  The one that showed up in front of the Husband and me was some sort of oreo cream pie.  It wasn’t particularly good and I wouldn’t order it again.  I wish we could have had the Dirt Pie!


All in all, the steaks and beers were good and the open air made for a casual experience.  We were looking for a Dallas experience (which the Husband and I experienced more the next day) but the group was happy with the choice for dinner after a number of hours of meetings.

Big Buck Brewery & Steakhouse on Urbanspoon


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