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Eat Here Now

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on December 30, 2009

A few weeks ago, my parents flew down to Charlotte to attend my graduation.  They were scheduled to arrive around lunch time on Friday so I planned that once they were settled, we would head out to a casual local lunch while the Husband was at work.  I thought through places they’d been before and thought they might enjoy the quaintness of Eat Here Now.

When Eat Here Now first arrived in the Ayrsley neighborhood of Charlotte, it was almost exactly like Five Guys.  They both had the same look and feel and nearly identical menu.  It was as tasty as Five Guys as well.  At that time, we thought they were the Charlotte equivalent – until we saw a Five Guys a few miles down the road.  A few weeks later, the restaurant closed for renovations.  When it reopened the menu had completely changed and it was now a sit down restaurant with southern menu items.  During that visit, the Husband and I thought it was a quick, casual place we could go to when we didn’t feel like going far or if we wanted a quick bit before a movie at Ayrsley Grand Cinema.


During my last visit, I had a Po’Boy for the first time and looked forward to having another and blogging about it! Unfortunately, when I opened the menu, I found that it had changed and the only po’boy on the menu was a Green Tomato Po’Boy.  Having tried friend green tomatoes during the last visit and not being impressed, I figured I should try something else 😦

IMG_1532 A quick view of the inside… It’s small but never crowded.  It has a fun feel to it 🙂




I was hungry so I decided to order an appetizer for the three of us.  I chose the Pimento Cheese Dip, an item I generally love after being exposed to Pimento Cheese less than a year ago by the fabulous Kelsey! Unfortunately, this dip did not live up to my hopes 😦 It was too runny for my taste.


My dad decided to go with Chili and Salad for his lunch.  What he received was this enormous bowl of chili which he LOVED!  All weekend, he commented about going back to get another 🙂


His Caesar Salad was a hit as well (but not as good as the chili).


My mom had wanted a pulled pork sandwich, but unfortunately something happened to their shipment the day before and they were all out.  Instead she went with a chicken wrap with a side of fried okra.  Both were fine.


I wasn’t sure what to have and went back and forth a bit with the menu.  I ended up going for a Buffalo Chicken Wrap and a side of Mac N Cheese.  The wrap was mediocre but I did enjoy the mac n cheese.  It was a bit greasy, but being in a bowl, I was able to avoid the parts I was less fond of.


All in all, my parents enjoyed their first meal of the weekend.  I was disappointed that it didn’t live up to my hopes (still wish I could have had a po’boy!).  However, my dad found a winner with the chili so that made me happy 🙂 If you’re looking for a quick, relatively inexpensive bite before a movie in Ayrsley or you’re up for a cheap beer, check out Eat Here Now (and as my dad would say – try their chili!).


2 Responses to “Eat Here Now”

  1. psychoj1 said

    Sorry about just an okay meal! But I’m glad your dad found the now famous chili!

    ❤ jess

  2. Chris Pope said

    Glad the famous chili is getting the props it deserves! Eat Here Now is a fun, friendly, restaurant with fresh ingredients where everything is homemade! Stop by for a quick meal and enjoy the food, you will be back for more!

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