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Bald Head Island – New Year’s and New Travel

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on January 3, 2010

Marsh Harbour

For New Year’s, the Wife and I met up with our friends Kath and Matt on Bald Head Island.  We had never been before, but Kath has been enjoying the gifts of the island for several years.  We weren’t disappointed.


There really is no infrastructure to bring cars to the island.  You get to the island via ferry from Southport, NC ($16/person, round trip).  Once you’re on the island, your transportation options include golf carts, which were included in the cost of the room at the Marsh Harbour Inn, bicycles, which can be rented on the island, and of course, the ankle express.  The island really isn’t that big.  It’s something like 3.5 miles wide by 5.5 miles long, but most of it is uninhabited marshland. 


IMG_2792With the lack of vehicular congestion and distraction, we had plenty of time to kick back, relax, and enjoy our holiday. 

The layout of the island provides a wonderful feeling of seclusion, despite the fact that it’s not very big, and it’s really not all that secluded.  Houses freely line the streets, either hidden behind a tree line, or sitting out on the marsh, or looking out over the surrounding bodies of water.  It seems like the hourly ferry is always just arriving, or just departing.  The harbor isn’t big, but it’s certainly not sleepy.  Yet you succumb to a temporary state of repose, while the island quietly thrives around you.



IMG_2751 Perhaps the highlight of the island, in terms of landmarks, is Old Baldy, the island’s lighthouse.  Located at the south end of Cape Fear, at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, it is North Carolina’s oldest lighthouse. 

IMG_2719 IMG_2732 


The weather was freezing when we left the island, but otherwise, the temperature was cool.  Keep in mind that we were there for New Year’s, so we were pleasantly surprised with the wholly-tolerable temperatures.  It was overcast for most of the days while we were there, but the clouds managed to break up just enough right before evening that we were able to get a couple nice shots of the sky.

IMG_2816 We had a gorgeous, nearly-full moon one night, that rose over the marsh.  I couldn’t help but set up the tripod, and snap a shot.  The moon was bright red, which was overexposed during the six-second exposure, but I thought the image came out pretty cool despite the overexposure. 



6 Responses to “Bald Head Island – New Year’s and New Travel”

  1. Kath said

    Great photos!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stacy said

    Wonderful photos and such a well written post! It looks like you had a lovely time!

  3. psychoj1 said

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful place!
    ❤ jess

  4. Jaclyn said

    Beautiful photos! Looks like you’re putting that new camera to good use!

  5. Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers said

    Thanks for the photo compliments! While the Husband did the post, this was my first go at using our new camera. Thank goodness for the great snd beautiful weather 🙂 (The Husband is a tad jealous that I took such “good” photos on my first try… he should remember that he was helping me out as we walked around, though!)

  6. Peggy Berg said

    Beautiful pictures. Make me want to look into some time on Bald Head Island. 🙂

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