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Marsh Harbour Inn

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on January 4, 2010

While on our recent mini vacation to Bald Head Island with our friends Kath and Matt, we stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast – the Marsh Harbour Inn. (Or former bed and breakfast as it is now mostly a fractional ownership location per their website.)  Kath’s family has been visiting Bald Head Island for years and have stayed at the Marsh Harbor Inn a number of times.  Knowing how much her family loves staying there, we were looking forward to our accommodations.  As early as our arrival, we were very, very pleased with this location!

MHI is a 10,000 square foot location with rooms ranging from bedrooms with mini fridges to full kitchen suites.


The rooms boast beautiful views of the marsh and the harbor.


(The view from our room on the first floor; views from the third floor where Kath and Matt stayed were amazing!)


The rooms were spacious and well appointed with comfortable beds and sitting areas.  The photos below are of our room, a corner unit on the first floor with its own balcony.  Kath and Matt stayed in a very spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite with amazing views (as I’ve mentioned 😉  )

IMG_1608 (don’t mind my attempt at remaking the bed for the photo!)



While no longer a bed and breakfast, a full continental breakfast was provided each morning.  It included fresh fruit (very fresh and flavorful!), oatmeal, cereal, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, bagels, pastries, waffles, juice, milk, and coffee.


There was a large dining room…


… with great morning views of the marsh and nearby cottages.


In addition to the daily breakfast, we were permitted unlimited access to the kitchen (as long as we cleaned up after ourselves!).  The four of us made dinner two nights and lunch two days in that large, functional kitchen.

The lobby is inviting…


…and the attached living room is warm and cozy with a fireplace, board games, books, and sufficient seating.


As the Husband mentioned in the Bald Head Island post, the island is car free.  MHI is very accommodating and provides golf carts for occupants’ use on the island.  This came in very handy many times!

Something that can’t be understated is the customer service.  Everyone at Marsh Harbour Inn is incredibly friendly and personable, and we enjoyed chatting with them whenever we had a chance to.  In particular, Doug made sure at every opportunity that we were having a wonderful experience.  Thank you Doug!

While not technically a bed and breakfast anymore, our experience at Marsh Harbour Inn makes us look forward to more.  We’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast before and if they’re half as inviting as our experience here was, we’re sure to have a great time!  If you find yourself heading out to Bald Head Island for a week or a few days, we would recommend reaching out and seeing if there’s availability here.  We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


3 Responses to “Marsh Harbour Inn”

  1. Kath said


  2. Cliff Younger said


    Kath’s Dad here. Thanks for the pictures and kind words about the Inn.

    While the Marsh Harbour Inn is being converted to fractional ownership, it very much will continue to operate as a B&B. Owners that are not using their ownership weeks can continue to have them rented out through the B&B management. We are planning on doing this with 2 of our 4 weeks. This was part of the attractiveness of owning a suite here at the MHI.

    Shameless plug: There is still opportunity to own a suite at the MHI at a very attractive (<$90K) price for a 4 week ownership slot. We love the MHI and Bald Head Island.


    • Shameless plug welcome.
      My mother actually was asking about how to get in touch with the Inn to potentially rent a room.
      While the website is a bit cryptic, having been there, and talked to one of the owners, I believe if you call the number on the “contact us” page can get you in touch with someone that can let you know what rooms and rates look like.

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