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Skybox at Aria

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on January 25, 2010

Hey readers! Sorry for jumping around so much in our blog posts… the next few days should be the rest of the restaurants I hit up during my trip to Las Vegas for work earlier this month.  I start the rest of these reviews with Skybox at the Aria hotel in the new City Center.  My boss and his wife were staying at this hotel and enjoyed dining here their first evening and highly recommended it for a late lunch one day with them and a colleague.


The restaurant had a modern sports bar feel.  Lots of televisions around playing games, but you were able to still enjoy the company you were with if you weren’t interested in watching the games.


The menus were located in a cute box on the table.  (Sorry so blurry! I was hungry and perhaps a bit shaky!)

IMG_1690 While checking out the restaurant and table itself, we noticed this little sign on the table.  The server clarified that during the first hour of dining, there is no additional charge or minimum.  However, past the first hour during college and pro games, there’s a minimum $20 food and beverage fee per person per hour.  Due to the limited seating, this definitely makes sense, especially since there are more than enough locations to catch a game in Vegas.


To start, my boss ordered nachos and queso for the table.  He had raved about the nachos and was spot on.  They were pretty darn good! One thing that was great about these nachos compared to most was that there were toppings on the lower layer of chips.  Isn’t it always a pain when you get to the chips on the bottom and you have nothing to put on them?  As for the queso, it was just adequate.  It tasted slightly fake so I stuck with the nachos.


After we finished the apps, we received our entrees.  My colleague ordered a Southwestern Turkey Burger I believe.  He was quite confused when he poked at the red item on it at first – he thought it was ketchup and didn’t understand why it was solid.  I quickly explained it was roasted red pepper and he felt better :-)  I believe he enjoyed this meal.


My boss ordered the hot dog and fries.  The first night he dined there, he asked for chili and cheese on it even though it wasn’t on the menu.  They obliged and he loved it!

IMG_1699 Both my boss’s wife and I ordered the macaroni and cheese (of course I did 😉 ).  It was delicious but oh so heavy! A definite recommendation if you’re looking for some comfort food in City Center.


Not knowing that my boss was ordering not just one but two appetizers for the table and it being a late lunch (3pm or so), I also ordered a salad with my mac n cheese.  Mixed greens, goat cheese, and pecans with a vinaigrette of some sort. 


I ended up eating about half the mac n cheese and a little less than half of the salad.  I would definitely order both of these again although individually unless I was ridiculously hungry or had a place to store leftovers. 

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One Response to “Skybox at Aria”

  1. eatingRD said

    I still have to go down town to check aria out. Even though I live in Vegas, we don’t get down to the strip all too often. It sure looks tasty! Thanks for stopping by my new site, sure appreciate your comments 🙂

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