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Monte Carlo

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on January 31, 2010

When planning my last stay in Las Vegas, I debated about which hotel to stay at.  There are SO many to choose from and currently there are some great rates going on.  After staying off of the strip at The Rio on our last trip, I knew that I wanted to be back on the Strip this time.  Knowing that the Husband and I will be traveling there more often, we’ve talked about trying to stay at a different hotel each time we’re there.  Since the Husband was not accompanying me on this trip, I decided to try one that he’s already been to (which gave me a handful of options to choose from).  I decided, in the end, to go with his favorite thus far: Monte Carlo.

Now, the Monte Carlo doesn’t have a huge theme like Caesar’s Palace, Paris, or Bellagio (among so many others).  However, once I arrived I instantly saw why the Husband loves it so much.  It’s a nice hotel at a good price and a good location.  Having a rental car with me, I was very impressed with the ease of parking, check-in, and room access.  At many of the hotels the parking garage entrance is at the back of the casino.  You must then walk through the casino to the reception desk then through the casino again to your room.  The whole process can take a very long time! At Monte Carlo though, there was no requirement to walk through the casino to get to my room from my car.  I loved it! (I hate lugging my suitcase through a casino.)

Check-in was easy and getting to my room was quick.  Once there, I was satisfied with what I found.  My room was their standard Deluxe Room with a King bed.  It was spacious enough to get around and not feel cramped and I had a slight view of the strip.


One downside (from a personal preference) was that the Internet is wired-only and the cable provided was short.  I had to sit at the desk (I prefer to sit on the bed usually) to use the Internet and there’s no view of the television from there.


The bed was comfortable and met my needs 🙂


The bathroom was basic and came with the usual complimentary toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, and lotion <—a must have in Las Vegas).  Being on the 4th floor, the shower pressure was a bit overwhelming and caused the tub to fill up (I’m not a fan of standing in water), but I didn’t mind it too much.  If this bothers you, you might ask for a higher floor.


In addition to the good rate (<$100 per night I believe), I also got a $25 food credit to be used at certain restaurants and room service and coupons for the spa and a Lance Burton show.  While I didn’t get an opportunity to use the spa or go to a show, I took advantage of the food credit by getting room service one night.  It was a 45 minute wait, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of food that came with what I ordered.

Monte Carlo is conveniently located between City Center and New York New York and across from MGM Grand.  There’s an enclosed walkway to City Center, through the Monte Carlo shops and past The Cupcakery 🙂  The hotel also has a number of restaurants to choose from including Diablo’s.  If you find yourself comparing hotel options on the Strip and you’re looking for value and simplicity over glitz and glamour, the Husband and I highly recommend Monte Carlo.


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