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Claim Jumper

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on February 1, 2010

During my trip to Las Vegas in early January, my boss suggested Claim Jumper one day for lunch.  Being from California originally, he had been to this chain restaurant frequently and was a fan.  I love trying out new restaurants based on recommendations so I was certainly up for trying this place out one day for lunch.



While the pictures show it was quite sunny that day, being the beginning of January it was also a bit chilly so outdoor seating was not in the cards.  For those of you who haven’t been to Las Vegas in the winter, it does actually get quite cool.  I know I often forget this, because when you think of desert you often think “hot.”  During our trip in December, it was in the 30s and this trip was in the high 40s.


Once inside, I was amazed by how big it was.  Check out just the Hostess stand!


To the right, upon entering the restaurant, was a HUGE bar area.  I can imagine this would be a fun place for happy hour.



The restaurant itself was quite spacious and the high ceilings reminded me of Uncle Buck’s in Dallas (as well as the antler chandeliers <—look closely below!)

IMG_1671 The menu was quite large so we took our time looking through it trying to decide what to have.


The Trio of Soups sounded fun, but perhaps a bit too filling for lunch that day.


I was particularly impressed with the back page of the menu.  It had both a Vegetarian section and a Gluten Free section.  If you looked closely, it was actually items on the regular menu but with guidance on how to specifically order the items to meet your dietary needs.

IMG_1674 IMG_1675

Although it was lunch time and I had no intention of drinking, I enjoyed seeing options for Beer Flights and Wine Flights.  I can imagine the Husband and I might try one of these if we get a chance to check out this place some day together.


Instead of beer or wine, I went with a Strawberry Lemonade.  While it didn’t have chunks of strawberries like Red Robin, it was the right mix of sweet and sour and delish 🙂

IMG_1673 It took a long time for me to decide what to have for lunch, but once I took a single bite I knew I had made an awesome choice.  I had the BBQ Chicken Sandwich.  It included julienned grilled chicken tossed in bbq sauce, smoked gouda, tomato, and mixed greens on a fresh baked tomato herb bread.  It came with mayo which I asked for on the side (and ended up not using – it wasn’t needed!).  For my side, I ordered the side green salad with dressing on the side.  This sandwich was so good and quite filling.  It tasted fresh and flavorful.


My colleagues had salads and were pleased with their choices as well.  We opted out of dessert, but my boss highly recommends anything from their selection.  They have cakes which I’ve often heard called “mile high” as they are many, many layers – likely something to share.  You can check out what they have to offer when you first walk in the restaurant as they have them on display.

Claim Jumper
601 N. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV 89074

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