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Early January views on the Strip

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on February 3, 2010

Las Vegas has a bad rap for being a place for only gambling.  For those of you who have avoided it because of this, you’re missing out on so much! Aside from the great food and shows, the Husband and I love simply walking up and down the strip and exploring the hotels.  This post is a simple one… some of my favorite pictures from my most recent visit… hope you enjoy!

A view of Monte Carlo from the Strip


New York New York from the Monte Carlo


The Strip from the 50-something floor of Aria



IMG_1681 The Luxor from the tram station


New York New York


Construction on the seasonal Bellagio indoor gardens



Bellagio’s beautiful glass ceiling



Paris (as seen from the Bellagio)

IMG_1706 Planet Hollywood from the Bellagio


Bellagio Fountain Show 🙂



Smaller fountain at the Bellagio


Caesar’s ceiling


And the Bellagio itself


With that, we leave you with an announcement… the Husband and I are moving to Las Vegas! While we don’t talk much about our personal and professional lives on this blog, you’d figure it out anyway when all of our posts were about Las Vegas and not Charlotte 🙂 We’ll be transferring for work and expect to arrive in May! We are looking forward to this new adventure and look forward to bringing you along with us!


3 Responses to “Early January views on the Strip”

  1. Very cool and I have been enjoying the posts and will continue to follow. I have never been to Vegas but my fiance has been an event planner vp for a big bank here in Charlotte and love the place. I’m sure I will be out there sooner than i think. Congrats on the move and is there a good job market out there? Curious.


  2. stacy said

    Oh how exciting!! Congrats!

  3. Betsy said

    vegas!!!!! jac and i will visit monthly 🙂

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