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Midweek dinner at 131 Main

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on February 23, 2010

Tonight, I met up with some girlfriends and an alumni group I belong to at 131 Main in Dilworth.  When the Husband went a few weeks ago without me, I was so jealous as we had been talking about going for at least a year.  When the alumni group planned tonight’s dinner, I was super excited to get there myself – especially after the Husband’s positive review.


After the Husband felt a bit out of place last time in his Redskins jersey and cargo shorts, I was happy it was a work night so I was already in business casual attire 🙂 However, at least in the middle of the week, while it is a nicer restaurant, I think he would have been fine dressed that way!

I arrived shortly after a handful of women in the group and joined them at a long table the staff had put together for us.  I perused the wine menu a bit to determine what I’d like to have.  The waitress advised that Tuesday is half-price bottle of wine night (for bottles under $200) but not enough of us were drinking wine.   I decided to go with the Sean Minor “4 Bears” Chardonnay.  I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t great.


It was quite dark in the restaurant which made picture taking a bit difficult.  I attempted to take a photo of the water pitchers they kept on the table for us.  The candle came out a bit clearer than the rest 🙂


There was no bread and no one ordered appetizers so I was quite excited when our food came out.  I checked out the menu ahead of time online and was pretty sure of what I would get.  Once at the restaurant, I confirmed that idea with what I selected.  I had the Beef Cavatappi with vegetables and tequila lime cream sauce.  It had onions and peppers and possibly small mushrooms (hard to see in the darkness!).  Wow! This was SO very good.  I loved it 🙂


My friend next me highly recommended the Crab Cake Salad so I got a picture to show with you.  I think I may get it if I get a chance to go back.


Others had the cheeseburger (which she loved), the roasted chicken, and shrimp and grits (at least those were the ones in close proximity to me on my end of the table).  No one had anything negative to say.

Overall, 131 Main lived up to my expectations.  The food was a bit expensive ($15-$20 for many entrees), but I enjoyed the good quality.  I would agree with the Husband and recommend 131 Main for a nice date night or group outing out.

Looking at the bar, this might be a good happy hour place as well.




2 Responses to “Midweek dinner at 131 Main”

  1. Wendy said

    I love the 131 Main down here in the Blakeney Plaza – I didn’t realize there was another one. Do they have the grilled artichokes at that one? They are so yummy!

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