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Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on February 25, 2010

A few weekends ago, the Husband and I headed up to Northern Virginia for a good friend’s baby shower.  This was the weekend after the ridiculous snow storm that shut down the nation’s capital for nearly a week, so we were nervous that the snow would cause us delays or possible cancellations.  Little did we know that it would actually be snow in Charlotte that would cause us a delay!

We had originally had a flight booked for around 6:30am Saturday morning so we were somewhat relieved to receive an automated message from United the night before advising the flight had been cancelled and a second phone call about 10 minutes later letting us know we’d been rebooked on the 10:30am flight.  I was NOT pleased, however, when the United call center (in India?) called me at 3am to tell me the same thing… at least I got to sleep in for a few more hours though!

Once we landed at Dulles, we were hungry and decided to get brunch.  I got to choose so I went with one of my favorite brunch places that would be close to the baby shower – Eggspectation in Centreville/Chantilly.



In general, I’m not big into breakfast foods.  The one thing I do love, though, is eggs! So, a restaurant centered around eggs is perfect to me 🙂

I love the decor of the Eggspectation restaurants.  Whisks for door handles…

IMG_2021 A wine tree…


Funky bookshelves 🙂

IMG_2013 The restaurants are generally spacious and great for group outings.




As some of you may have noticed from our brunch posts, I love Eggs Benedict.  Eggspectation has an entire page dedicated to variations of this wonderful dish!


So, of course I ordered one 🙂  I went with the Smoked Salmon Benedict.  It included two eggs poached, smoked salmon, gruyere cheese, with hollandaise sauce on english muffins.  It came with a side of fruit and grilled potatoes.  Sometimes I substitute grilled tomatoes for the grilled potatoes.  Both options are delish!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t super impressed with my eggs benedict.  I think the gruyere was unneeded and overall it just didn’t hit the spot.  Oh well.


The Husband ordered an omelet, possibly the Spanish omelet.  He wasn’t impressed either…

IMG_2015 And a side of toast…

IMG_2016 I’m not sure why we didn’t enjoy our brunch that day.  If you like eggs, we recommend you check one of their locations out and see what the food’s like for yourself.  For those of you who don’t like eggs, there are many options sans eggs, both breakfast and non-breakfast related, so don’t shy away just because you don’t like them.  Give them a a try and let us know what you think 🙂

Eggspectation on Urbanspoon


One Response to “Eggspectation”

  1. Haleigh said

    Eggs have to be one of my favorite quick meals. It’s always satisfying and you can throw about anything into an omelette. Sorry to hear that eggspectation didn’t live up to your “eggspectations.” haha yeah, I’m corny 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

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