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Aria at City Center

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on March 3, 2010

Hi readers! We’re just about to wrap up the first half of our trip to Las Vegas to hopefully find a place to live! During this part of the trip, we decided to stay at the new Las Vegas hotel, Aria at City Center.  Over the last few years we’ve eagerly anticipated the new City Center.  A friend recently stayed at Aria and highly recommended it, so when we found out their introductory rates were only $149 per night, we knew where we’d stay on this trip.


When we arrived Sunday morning around 11am, the lobby was packed! Apparently, Sundays are a big day for check out.  With official check-out at 12pm, when we arrived all of the lines were open with about 10 people in each waiting to check out.  The staff were walking around trying to offer express check-out, but it still didn’t help too much.  With the Husband feeling sick, we hoped to check in early, but unfortunately they advised that they had 2100 people checking out and wouldn’t have rooms ready before 1pm.  So, the Husband slept in the car while I read…

Speaking of the car, the parking garage we found to be a bit oddly laid out.  Each parking spot was huge with tons of space around it! We weren’t sure why they set it up this way.


Shortly before 1pm, I headed back in and found one of the few lines offering check-in.  Not too long later, we had a room assigned to us and I grabbed the Husband and our bags.  While we did have to walk through the casino to get to the rooms, as you have to do at a lot of the hotel/casinos on the strip, the casino is a bit smaller (or so it seems) so it didn’t take too long.  We rode the elevator to the 8th floor and found our room.

Thus far, we’ve been very impressed with our room.  The bed is INCREDIBLY comfortable.  So soft and cuddly – I don’t want to get out of it in the morning 🙂


There’s a good sized desk and bar, but watch out for the mini bar! If you even move an item inside of the fridge, the sensor will go off and you’ll get charged.  With traditional mini bar prices, you want to be careful!


Our room is facing the strip and has a great view of City Center as a whole.


When you first walk into the room, we have two large closets and many large drawers to unpack our things into.


Immediately on your left upon entry is the bathroom.  This one is large and very nice!



One of the things I love about the hotels on the Strip are their toiletries.  Aria’s are as good as the other ones I’ve tried.  In addition to the traditional shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, a must in Las Vegas is also lotion (it’s so dry!).



One of the neat things about the rooms at Aria is that they are so technologically advanced! Everything is electronically controlled, from the Do Not Disturb sign to the blinds.  Laying in bed, the tv remote and even the alarm clock can control all of these items so that we don’t have to get out of bed if we forgot something.

Overall, the service has been very friendly.  We haven’t needed much, but have enjoyed our interactions with all of the staff we’ve encountered.  You’re required to show your hotel key to gain access to the elevator bays.  And there’s turn down service each night.  All in all, Aria is a great hotel in a great location that we definitely recommend!


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