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Las Vegas’s Hofbrauhaus

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on March 4, 2010

Tuesday night, the Husband and I went to the Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus, a place I’ve been hearing about since we visited the Hofbrauhaus in Munich in December 2008.  Apparently, the Husband has been to the Las Vegas one before and when we visited the one in Munich, he was surprised at the similarity.  🙂 Ever since, he’s been talking about going back to the Las Vegas one so I could judge for myself.  The Las Vegas one is located right off of the Strip, near City Center.  It’s walkable but we recommend driving or taking a cab, especially later into the evening.


When we walked in, we were greeted by very high ceilings and a large bar.


We were seated at one of the many large benches…

IMG_2063 …began enjoying the entertainment…


… and perused the menu to determine what we would have to eat and drink.

IMG_2070 As can be expected, we had to start with beer.  We each had the German Lager, the Husband with a liter and I with a half.

IMG_2069 The Husband started with a salad with blue cheese dressing.


For dinner, we decided to share a couple of plates.  First on the list, of course, was Germany’s version of mac n cheese 🙂 the Kasespaetzle!  This was amazing.  Possibly the best kasespaetzle we’ve had thus far.  It has spaetzle (German potato noodles), swiss cheese, and onions.  Yum!


The second dish, which I choose, was the Creamy Mushrooms and Bread Dumplings.  I was expecting more mushrooms and less sauce, but this was very good and flavorful.  I especially liked the bread dumplings.


The Husband also wanted a pretzel.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any regular sized ones, so I offered to share a jumbo one with him.  Glad I did!


For dessert, the Husband had a half liter of the Dunkel.  I had a taste as well.  🙂

IMG_2084 The Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus certainly had many similarities to the Munich one, but in the Las Vegas way, had its own twists and special touches.

I noticed the glittery lights in the window…

IMG_2078 And later into the night, the waitresses began selling shots with free spankings.  You read that correctly – spankings.  The person who took a shot, got to choose who in his/her group would be spanked by the waitress.  It was quite a sight to see!


The Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus brought back fond memories of our trip to Germany and provides reassurance that we’ll continue to have tasty German food now that we’ll be on the other side of the country from our favorite U.S. German restaurant – the Waldhorn.  You’ll likely see more posts from us at the Hofbrauhaus over the years 🙂


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