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Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on March 16, 2010

As we headed north from Hervey Bay to Yeppoon in Queensland, Australia, we took a minor detour through Bundaberg to check out their Ginger Beer location.  We had read a pamphlet the day before and when we realized that it would be on our way north, we were excited to check it out.

The facility is easy to find as it’s shaped like a barrel!

IMG_4719 IMG_4704 IMG_4705 IMG_4711

We were unsure what to expect once we arrived but knew that there was some sort of tour, perhaps some tastings, and a gift store to check out.  The woman working the store that day was super friendly and recommended the tour which was self guided and only about $12 per person with free tastings at the end 🙂 We gladly paid and made our way through the self guided tour.

The tour itself had lots to see and included an audio portion and a “3D” 15 minute video at the end.  We learned a lot about ginger beer! One of the things that makes Bundaberg Ginger Beer unique is that they still make all of their products the old fashioned way with sugar and yeast.  Most other companies now make it (or more commonly ginger ale in the U.S.) with carbonated water and syrup.

Once we finished our tour, we got to have our tastings.  We were surprised at the number of flavors available to try! We each assumed that it was just Ginger Beer and Sasparilla (what we know better as Root Beer, though slightly different).


From left to right, we began our samples (and large samples they were! I could feel all of the bubbles in my stomach 🙂 )  We started with the Lemon-Lime & Bitter.  It’s similar to a Sprite or 7-Up as you might expect, but fresher and tarter tasting.  Next, we tried the diet version – not at all like diet sodas in the U.S.  Our next sample was one we expected (and which we had already had during lunch in Hervey Bay), the Ginger Beer. Delish! (If it hadn’t been the day before, we wouldn’t have ventured to Bundaberg I’d assume.)  After that, we had the diet version as well.

IMG_4707 After the ginger beer, we moved on to the Root Beer/Sarsparilla.  It wasn’t my preferred version of Root Beer but the Husband is a big fan.  Next, we tried the Lemon Ale.  It was like a sparkling lemonade 🙂


Next up – the Apple Ale.  Like a sparkling apple juice, more so than a sparkling cider.  The only one the Husband didn’t finish was the Peachee.  I’m a big fan of peaches so I really enjoyed this one.  Second to last, we tasted the Burgundy Cream Ale. It used to be made with a syrup, but Bundaberg wanted it to be natural like the others and is now made with red grapes.  I found this to be quite sweet, but the Husband really liked it.  Last, but not least, we had the Royal Crown Draft.  For those of you who’ve had R.C. Cola in the U.S., that’s what it was 🙂

IMG_4709 Overall, we were very impressed with all of these drinks! We decided to buy a six-pack to enjoy while on the rest of drive to Cairns and perused the gift store before heading out.  We also got some coasters and a Ginger Beer Brewing Kit.  Hopefully we can take the yeast through customs!IMG_4712 If you ever find an opportunity to check out the Bundaberg Ginger Beer location, we definitely recommend it 🙂 And if you see some Ginger Beer or other variety in your local store or restaurant, give it a try!


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