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Port Campbell

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on March 25, 2010

At the end of our journey on the Great Ocean Road, we made it to our final destination west: Port Campbell.  Port Campbell is quite close to the 12 Apostles and assumedly is a good rest stop for those who make it to the 12 Apostles at the end of the day.  We had reservations at Waves Port Campbell and with the help of our trusty GPS we found our way there. 


There was a bit of confusion when we arrived, both for us and another guest who had just arrived.  While we saw the sign for the suites, it was actually the restaurant of the same name that caught our eye on the corner.  There was driveway we drove down that appeared to end at the lodging establishment but the door to enter was locked.  The three of us (the Husband and I and the other guest) ventured back out on to the street and saw a sign for Reception but that door was locked as well.  We all walked into the restaurant then and thankfully found the woman who would be able to check us in! The other guest checked in first (since he arrived a minute or two before us) and then we were assigned our room – what appeared to be one of maybe 8 rooms.

As with the rest of the trip, we were very happy with our accommodations.  (No matter how many times I’ve typed that word on this trip, I still can’t spell it correctly without the help of spell check!)  The room was spacious with a small, semi-private patio and large bathroom.




IMG_2252 As with pretty much all of our rooms (I can’t remember any that didn’t have any), there was ample tea and coffee available to us behind a cupboard.


After we felt settled, we headed back out into town to catch the sunset and find some dinner.  The town, as we expected, appeared to be quite small.  We ventured only a block or so to the water to see the very pretty view.


We then began our decision making on what to do for dinner.  We saw a Take Away and Ice Cream place.


There were also one or two restaurants along the block, but the menus didn’t entice us that evening.  We saw a pizza place and it looked rather closed from the outside but we ventured to the door to take a look at the menu.


Once we got to the door, we realized we were quite wrong and a handful of tables were full inside.  After reviewing the menu, we were set on dining at Nicos.  We had the option of Take Away or Dine In and decided to eat at the restaurant.

On the beverage menu, the Husband noticed that they had an alcoholic Ginger Beer.  After enjoying Bundaberg Ginger Beer, we were quite interested to see what an alcoholic version would taste like.  It was… interesting to say the least :-)  The Husband is glad he tried it but he wouldn’t order it again.  I think that if you like Cider and ginger, you would like this beverage.


As an appetizer, we ordered garlic bread to share.  It was good!


For our main courses, I ordered a Chicken Avocado pasta.  I believe it had chicken, mushrooms, a creamy tomato sauce, pasta, avocado, and parmesan.  While the bowl looks small, it was quite a large portion and I ate only a little bit of it.  Took home the rest to enjoy as lunch the next day!


The Husband ordered the Aussie pizza.  It had ham, bacon, fried egg, capsicum, mozzarella, onion, and bbq sauce.  He enjoyed this and was happy to have half the pizza left for lunch the next day as well 🙂


While we dined, we saw a small handful of individuals we’d seen at the 12 Apostles.  Port Campbell must have been their end point as well for the day!

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel restaurant (it was included in our room rate).  We generally had the traditional breakfasts we’ve had throughout the trip and the quality was as good as the others.  We then headed down to the General Store to buy bottled water and stamps so we could send some postcards.  We packed up the car and headed back east toward Melbourne and then south to our next destination: Mornington!


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  1. Marcus said

    MMMMMMMMMM Stones. I think I have bought three slabs so far this year. 🙂

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