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Our last day (that turned into two) in Australia

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 1, 2010

As you already know from the Husband’s more up to date posts, what was to be our last day in Australia turned into two days when our flight home was cancelled due to maintenance problems with the plane.  While we were eager to get home, who can complain about staying an extra day in such a great country with family?  To start, though, I’ll take you back to a point when we didn’t realize it wasn’t our last day… 🙂

After our delicious breakfast at Dolphin Sands, we packed up the car and headed to Sydney.  We originally planned on going along the coast, but on recommendation of Wayne, one of the owner’s of Dolphin Sands, we decided to head north through Kangaroo Valley, a scenic route which take generally the same amount of time.  It was a beautiful drive indeed! At this point in the trip though, I was a bit tired of passenger seat photography so no photos to share 😦

Using points from the Husband’s large bank of Choice Privileges award points, we were able to book a fabulous hotel at the Rendezvous Stafford at the Rocks right in Sydney Harbour.  While we didn’t take any photos of the hotel, it was quite wonderful.  It’s in an amazing location, less than a block from the weekend market, and not more than 2 or so from the water.  The staff was very friendly and we received a room on the 4th floor with a large balcony and beautiful view of the Harbour Bridge.  We definitely recommend this hotel if you’re looking for some place to stay in the Rocks!

Finding it, however, was a bit of a challenge for us as we expected our GPS to get us there and we hadn’t written down the address! Once we got into the city, the GPS didn’t want to give us satellite coverage. We ended up circling quite a bit in the Rocks until we finally found it (it has a purple entrance for those of you looking to find it).  There’s a garage next door that has a weekend all day rate of $20 for those of you looking for all day parking at the Rocks… While the Husband parked, I checked in.  Once we got all our bags up to our room (and you can imagine how much we had after 3 weeks in Australia and 4 weeks away from home!), we hopped back in the car to return it to Hertz in the middle of the city.  We easily returned it and decided we wanted to get a late lunch.

Earlier in the trip, when we returned our first rental car to the same location, we had breakfast at Bill & Toni’s, a nice cafe a block from the Hertz location.  Remembering the variety of cafes available back there, we headed in that direction to find lunch and a drink.  We decided to go to Lord Robert’s Hotel (reminder: hotel = bar essentially).


The first level we found only has alcohol so we followed the sign up the stairs to the restaurant and beer garden.

IMG_2325 The restaurant area had a bar at which we ordered our drinks and a light lunch.  We took our drinks with us and headed out to the beer garden to enjoy the beautiful weather.

IMG_2323 While we waited for our lunch, we worked on some souvenir planning and postcards 🙂 IMG_2321

And then our lunch arrived! If you haven’t caught on, we really, really have come to like turkish bread and dips 🙂 For our light lunch (we were saving up for our incredible dinner at Harbour Kitchen later that night), we enjoyed a Mezze Plate of bread and cracker/chips with a handful of dips.  From left to right, we had a slightly spicy creamy dip, hummus, goat cheese, olives and olive oil, a pesto, and beetroot.  It was perfect!


When we finished our beers and mezze plate, we made our way back to the Rocks and Sydney Harbour to do some souvenir shopping.  Along the way, we passed a number of weddings!



A short walk later, we arrived at the Weekend Market at the Rocks and began our shopping.  I love markets like this and enjoyed myself immensely! We found something for nearly everyone on our list and the Husband found solid wood chess pieces that he’s been searching for for years 🙂 It was a great afternoon!


IMG_2340 After some shopping, we headed back to the hotel to clean up and get ready for our dinner at Harbour Kitchen to celebrate the Husband’s brother’s birthday (post coming soon!).  We also enjoyed the evening at a house party of the Husband’s brother’s friends and had a great time getting to know them!

The next morning, we checked out of our hotel expecting it to be our last morning in Australia.  The Husband’s brother met us at our hotel and we meandered through the weekend market again in search of an extra gift or two.  We decided to enjoy lunch at the same pub we had our first Australian lunch at at the beginning of our trip, overlooking the market.


IMG_2398 The boys got Snakebites again (beer, cider, and raspberry syrup?).


The Husband and I had amazing sandwiches! The Husband’s was the smoked salmon and avocado sandwich which included lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and carrots.   IMG_2403

The Husband’s brother had a pot pie which we got to sample – yum! IMG_2404

My sandwich was the same as the Husband’s but chicken instead of smoked salmon.  It was just so very fresh and we were so excited to have some veggies! IMG_2405

After lunch, we jumped in the Ute and headed to the airport.  After discovering our flight was cancelled (essentially delayed 22 hours as we got the same plane, same seats, same passengers the next day), we were back in the Husband’s brother’s Ute.  We decided to head back into the city to a neighborhood in which the Husband’s brother first lived when he moved to Australia.  We headed to Blue’s Point Hotel, one of the neighborhood bars, and met many more of his friends.


We hung out for a few hours, enjoyed another plate of turkish bread and dips 😉 and decided to grab some Indian food to take home for dinner.   About a block away we went to Blu Ginger, placed our order, and waited for out Take Away to be ready.  We took it back to the Husband’s brother’s place, and it was oh so good!IMG_2408

We slept well 🙂 The next morning, our actual last day in Australia, we got our chance to take real public transportation in Australia (on the Husband’s to-do list).  We took the CityLink train from Kings Park into the city to Central Station and then out to the airport.  We found the train system to be quite simple and easy.  We made it to the airport with lots of time to spare, checked in, and said good bye to Australia 😦

Although this post features the end of our trip, we have one more to go with our post about Harbour Kitchen and Bar! Stay tuned for an amazing tasting menu and wine pairings!!


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