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Paris Hotel & Casino

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 7, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, when we were in Las Vegas last week looking for a house (which, we did indeed find!), the Husband and I chose to stay at the Paris Hotel & Casino, a hotel we’ve been eyeing for a while but hadn’t yet stayed at.

I had booked the hotel weeks in advance online and, like many hotels on the strip, paid a deposit for the room.  The deposits are refundable if you cancel at least 72 hours in advance.  When we found out that our flight to the U.S. was cancelled coming back from Australia, I was very concerned about not checking in on time and either having to (1) pay for a night we’re not there or (2) have to completely cancel the reservation and lose my deposit.  After a little bit of freaking out about trying to find a phone number to call the hotel, I used my wireless broadband card in Sydney and found out all was saved! The online reservation process on their website let’s you update your reservation without any extra cost.  I was able to change our check in day, decrease the number of nights, and still save my deposit.  I was quite excited!

After our last experience in Las Vegas a few weeks earlier, where we had to wait a few hours to check in to the Aria Hotel even though the Husband was crazy sick in the car, we were concerned about how long it would take to check in.  We pretty much wanted to take a nap as soon as possible since we’d been up more than 24 hours at that point (with little sleep on the flights), so we were pleasantly surprised at the easy check-in process.

We were given a room from their newly renovated Red Rooms.  It was a nice room, but I don’t know if it was necessary for us to reserve a “nicer” room (not knowing what the standard room is like).   The room did look exactly like the photo on the website, so that was fun 🙂

IMG_2498 From the other angle of the room, a pretty large tv (with lots of channels, unlike australia).

IMG_2499 The bathroom was spacious, but not wasted space.  (The Husband and I hate wasted space in a bathroom.  Our master bath at home is ridiculously large, but it’s poorly designed and is just a lot of wasted space).

IMG_2496 I love hotel toiletries and these were no exception.  As I think I’ve said before, I really love the body lotion in Las Vegas as it is SO very needed.

IMG_2497 The Paris Hotel was a nice place to stay, with a handful of satisfying cafes for meals and snacks.  It’s conveniently connected to Bally’s and is an easy walk to Planet Hollywood, Caesar’s, and the other casinos in that area.

As we plan our move out west, we’re looking at staying at another hotel on the strip until our luggage arrives.  Anyone have any recommendations or favorites they’d like to share?


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