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Serendipity 3 Las Vegas

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 8, 2010

When we checked into the Paris Hotel last week, we were given a handful of coupons for restaurants in and around the area and I’m a sucker for and lover of coupons 😛  One of those coupons was for a free frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3, a restaurant in front of Caesar’s Palace.  I’ve been to the Serendipity in New York a handful of times and LOVE frozen hot chocolates (my sister got me the kits to make them at home one year for my birthday or Christmas – which, btw, are very good – almost as good as in the restaurant).  I knew I would have to fit in use of this coupon during the trip!


When we arrived, there was about a 25 minute wait.  I had to make a phone call so I hung out on the patio entrance.  I admired the patio dining area, which I imagine would be fun to dine on during warmer (but not too warm) days!  It was actually quite windy so the Husband headed inside to hang out.


When I was done with my call, I headed inside to hang out with the Husband.  The restaurant has tall ceilings which makes it seem like a large restaurant, but it actually isn’t.  There’s also not much waiting area (not as cramped as the New York location though!).


The decor at Serendipity is fun and pink!IMG_2464

This location, being Vegas and all, has a bar. IMG_2465 And there’s a smaller gift area when you immediately enter.  Oh, tip for those entering from the Strip side – that door brings you into the back of the restaurant so either walk around to the main entrance or meander through the tables to get to the host stand.IMG_2466 The decor generally themes around funny looking people.


IMG_2487 IMG_2468 The menu is covered in people!

IMG_2469 IMG_2470

Although I wanted my Frozen Hot Chocolate to start, the Husband reminded me that it would be better for dessert 🙂 IMG_2471

We were pretty hungry so we decided to get an appetizer and entrees.  We started with the All In Nachos.  It included ground beef, mexican cheese, and black beans and sides of pico de gailo, guacamole, and sour cream.


I don’t know if that picture really shows you the magnitude of this appetizer, but it was HUGE! We barely had half before we decided to stop.  It was gooey, and like the nachos at Skybox at Aria, was layered in the lower layers too which we appreciated.  I personally appreciated that the salsa was on the side.

While we were enjoying the nachos, the Husband had also ordered a side salad.  It was huge too.  He shared it with me – it really was like 2 side salads in one.

IMG_2480 Next up, were our entrees.  The Husband ordered an omelette called The Hangover.  It included bacon, french fries, mushrooms, and cheese (plus eggs of course).  It came with a side of fries (waffle or sweet potato) and on the recommendation of the waitress (who was quite friendly), he went with the sweet potato fries.  This was just meh.



There was mac and cheese on the menu and since I hadn’t had any since February (at least! I don’t remember when I last had any – we didn’t see any in Australia.  I had the option to add bacon or ham but I went traditional.  Unfortunately, this mac n cheese was not very tasty 😦  Like the other things we got, it was huge but blah.  It tasted like fake cheese that wasn’t as good as Kraft Deluxe (and I don’t hold Kraft Deluxe to a high standard).

IMG_2482 Oh well.  With our entrees out of the way, we could finally have Frozen Hot Chocolate! The Husband, being new to this, almost ordered two, but one is good for two people.  They have a double which is better for 3 or 4.  They have some additional flavors, but I went with the traditional of course! If you haven’t tried one before and have difficulty comprehending what a frozen hot chocolate is, it’s not chocolate milk… it’s way better than that.IMG_2485 The Husband had never been to a Serendipity before and had only tried my packaged Frozen Hot Chocolate.  He was impressed with how similar the two are.

So, in general the food was a bust (except the nachos, which at least I liked).  I know we’ll be back though, because Frozen Hot Chocolate is just that good.  When I ate a meal at the New York location, I also didn’t like the food but the desserts are plentiful and large as well so perhaps dessert next time.

On twitter, as an FYI for you DC residents, I learned that they’re opening up a location there this summer.  I’m sure we’ll check it out some time when we’re back there visiting.  If any of you check out, be sure to let us know how it is!

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  1. Laura said

    I have ALWAYS wanted to try to frozen hot chocolate since I saw it in the move “Serendipity”! If we make a trip out there again we will have to visit it! How cool! Thanks for sharing this info!

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