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New Zealand Cafe

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 14, 2010

When the Husband and I first got together, he was not a fan of sushi at all.  One weekend we visited some of his friends in Richmond, VA and they took us to a place called Sticky Rice for dinner.  Sticky Rice is famous for it’s crazy sushi recipes and this was how the Husband fell in love with sushi 🙂 In Charlotte, his taste for sushi has increased thanks for the New Zealand Cafe.  Friends had found this restaurant on the other side of the city from us and invited us out early on in our time here in Charlotte.  After one dinner there, we knew this was the place we would go for sushi.  Unfortunately, it’s a bit far for us so we haven’t been too often but we recently made it a point to get there before the big move.  We met up with some friends to share in the dining experience.

From the outside, one has no idea what kind of restaurant the New Zealand Cafe is.  It’s tucked away in a shopping center, next to a Chinese restaurant and near a Harris Teeter.  We would have never thought to check this place out if it weren’t for our friends who introduced us to it.

IMG_2511 Inside, the restaurant is cozy, with only a handful of tables and a small bar in front of the sushi chef. (This photo shows about half of the restaurant.)  There was an employee hanging out at the door and for quite some time we couldn’t quite determine her function.  After a few customers came in and sat near her, we figured out that she was taking To Go orders!  If I lived closer, I would possibly become poor getting take out here (i.e. I would do it often!)IMG_2526

The menus boast all kinds of sushi (as well as non-sushi items – there’s always at least one of you in the group).  Paper menus with text describing the various rolls:



IMG_2515 And a very large photo filled sushi menu (more my style when it comes to sushi):

IMG_2516 We placed our orders, caught up with our friends, and the Husband enjoyed a Sapporo.


The Husband and I got three rolls to share.  We had the Rainbow Roll which was a California Roll draped with tuna, salmon, white fish, shrimp, and smelt roe.  Our second roll was the Wasabi Tuna Roll.  It was spicy albacore tuna, crab, avocado, wasabi mayo, smelt roe, and dry tuna.  (<—This one was AMAZING!)  The third roll was a Dynamite Roll.  This was spicy yellow tail, avocado, and crab with smelt roe.  I never know how much sushi to order and this turned out to be perfect for us.


Our friend Katie, a non-sushi eater, ordered one of the chicken dishes.  It looked delish to me 🙂


While we enjoyed our meal, I noticed a number of women appearing to have a girls’ night out or happy hour.  They had sushi on boats and glasses of wine, so it looks like a popular place if that’s something you’re looking for.

The only other place in Charlotte we’ve heard rave reviews about for sushi is Ru San’s but unfortunately I never made it there (the Husband did once but didn’t get a chance to post about it).  If you’re in Charlotte and like sushi, we definitely recommend you make your way over to Sardis Road and check this place out.

New Zealand Cafe on Urbanspoon


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