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Caney Fork Fish Camp

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 26, 2010

After checking in to our hotel at Aloft Nashville Cool Springs, the Husband and I contemplated what to do with our evening and what to see in Nashville.  We decided on heading north to Opryland to check out the outside of the newer Grand Ole Opry House and to find a restaurant in that local area.  After looking at our options on Urbanspoon, I decided on Caney Fork Fish Camp.  There weren’t many reviews available and the Citysearch ones were very mixed (half one-stars and half five stars – the reviews for the one stars didn’t seem justified in their one star rating so we decided to ignore those reviews and give it a shot).

Caney Fork Fish Camp is located a very short drive north of Opry Mills, the giant mall at which the new Grand Ole Opry is located.


I did a poor job of outdoor photography but the restaurant looks like a big cabin.  IMG_2641 When we arrived, we were concerned there would be a long wait (it was Saturday night after all) as there were was a huge group waiting out on the porch.  When we got inside though, we were immediately seated.  The hostess explained that those outside were waiting for a shuttle (we assume back to a hotel?).  We were immediately impressed with the decor (which we knew would be campy and somewhat cheesy from the reviews).



As we wound our way through the restaurant to our table, we noted all of the cabin atmosphere, making it seem that we were seated inside and outside of multiple cabins.




We were seated next to a fish pond with actual fish 🙂




IMG_2645 As we looked over the menu, we saw that we had lots to choose from.  Across the board on the reviews, including the one-star reviews, everyone seemed to enjoy the Fried Dill Pickle Chips so we knew we had to order some.  They came with a Chipotle Ranch dipping sauce.  While we didn’t love them, we were glad we tried them.  I’m generally not a pickle fan and have only recently begun trying fried pickles.  What made these different than the others is that they actually tasted like pickles – the breading didn’t take their flavor away.  So, if you like pickles, you’ll probably like these 😉 I enjoyed the chipotle ranch sauce, though.


Another love, across the board of reviews, was the complimentary Corn Fritters.  Those reviews were right on.  They were sweet, crispy yet doughy, and just heavenly.  I saved one for dessert later and was glad I did. IMG_2650

Our waitress, Kelsey, was phenomenal.  She was very friendly and attentive! The Husband asked for beer recommendations, specifically if they had any Tennessee beers on tap, and she recommended Yazoo Pale.  The Husband enjoyed it and thought it was an excellent example of a Pale Ale.  It had the appropriate color, flavor, hop aroma, and mouth feel.


For my entree, I went with another review recommendation – the catfish.  I chose to go with the Fried Catfish Sandwich which came with lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce, and hot sauce on the side.  I had a selection of sides to choose from and chose to go with the Mac n Cheese made with Velveeta Cheese 🙂 While I enjoyed the sandwich, I particularly enjoyed the hot sauce.  While not particularly hot, it had a bit of kick and vineagar to it and I learned they make it at the restaurant.  The mac n cheese was awesome! Definitely glad I got it.       IMG_2658 The Husband ordered the Vegetable Plate for his entree which was a selection of three side items.  He also chose the Mac N Cheese, the Hushpuppies, and the Fried Okra.  He also added a side salad with blue cheese dressing.  He enjoyed both the mac n cheese and fried okra but didn’t love the hushpuppies.  Something about them were just off for him.  He was glad to get some fresh veggies in his salad.


We decided to not get any dessert (I had my last corn fritter to enjoy!) as we were full and tired from a day full of travel.  Overall, we though this was a fun restaurant to go to.  We enjoyed most of our dishes and though the service was great.  The negative reviews we read we don’t feel were justified and our feelings toward the restaurant and the experience more closely match the positive reviews on the internet.  If you find yourself in Opryland and you’re looking for reasonably priced southern food, give this place a shot.

Caney Fork Restauraunt on Urbanspoon


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