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Cracker Barrel (Dickson, TN)

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 27, 2010

On our way out of Nashville, heading to Memphis and later Little Rock, Arkansas, the Husband and I decided to get a big breakfast and skip lunch in order to get to Graceland with enough time before they closed for the day.  We were looking for a hearty breakfast and our choices we had narrowed it down to were Waffle House and Cracker Barrel.  We decided that whichever one we got to first that wasn’t too crowded would be where we would eat.  We first found a Waffle House just outside of Nashville, but the parking lot was packed.  Back on to I-40, we found ourselves in Dickson, TN with only a 10 minute wait at Cracker Barrel.


An iconic symbol of Cracker Barrel is their front porch and rocking chairs.



As you enter the building, prior to getting to the restaurant itself, you find yourself in their giant country store.  When there’s a wait, the hostess is standing at the door to the building taking names.  You then have however long your wait is to peruse the store.  The store is filled with all sorts of country knick knacks and interests.





IMG_2671 This stand of candy sticks takes me back to my childhood when my family would stop at a Cracker Barrel when driving cross country.  I remember that I used to buy a handful of these with my allowance before getting back on the road.


IMG_2673 One of the reasons Cracker Barrel was on the list of options for breakfast was that the Husband and I had heard about their Audiobooks selection.  You can rent an audio book at one Cracker Barrel and return it at a later location.  After looking through the selection, we learned that to sign up to the program, you have to pay the full price for the selection and then get a refund when you return it.  We also learned that there are zero Cracker Barrels in Nevada!!! We decided to skip getting one and stick to our ipods and the radio for the rest of the drive.


After enjoying the store, we were seated.  The restaurant itself is covered in old-time paraphernalia.IMG_2675 IMG_2676


An element I loved as a kid – games at the table!


Enough of decor and on to food! The Husband and I each tried to determine what we wanted individually and decided to share some items we didn’t want an entire plate of.  When our food arrived, it looked like so much!

IMG_2679 The item we decided to split was an order of pancakes.  The Husband normally just uses syrup but I was in a fruit mood and had strawberries added to it.  Personally, I though the strawberries were better than the pancakes, but I’m not a huge pancake fan 🙂

IMG_2680 The Husband and I each ordered eggs over easy and a form of breakfast meat.  Turkey sausage patties for me.  (These were good!)


And thick-cut bacon for the Husband.  Not as thick-cut as he expected.

IMG_2682 As side dishes, the Husband’s meal came with grits (he added sugar) and biscuits and gravy.  While he enjoyed the biscuits, he felt they were more like rolls than biscuits.  The gravy had something left to be desired.


My meal didn’t come with a side but I was eyeing the Hasbrown Casserole.  Not knowing what would be mixed with the hash browns to make it a “casserole” I was a bit nervous.  I was very pleased though when I received cheesy hash browns.  Yum!

IMG_2683 Breaksfast was just like any other Cracker Barrel meal.  Fine, but not great.  I go, rarely as it is, as a travel restaurant to experience the atmosphere.  I leave you with a photo of one of my favorite parts of the Cracker Barrel porch.  I hope to one day have a similar scene on a porch of my next or future home 🙂     IMG_2691

Off to Graceland we go!

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store on Urbanspoon


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