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Little Rock – A Pleasant Surprise and a Friendly Interlude

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on April 27, 2010

As we made our way from Nashville through Memphis and Graceland we finally came to Little Rock


As we rolled into Little Rock, we came across a beautiful Pentecostal Church that we tried to photograph at 70 mph.


We made our way to the Peabody Hotel.  It was a wonderful little hotel, but I’ll leave that for another post.  We didn’t have high expectations for Little Rock, but we were optimistic based on what we’d seen coming into town.

We finally made our way to the Peabody Hotel.  I’ll let the Wife tell you about the hotel in a follow-on post, but suffice it to say that it was a great hotel.  Once we got checked in, we went out to explore the downtown.  The sun was setting, so while the lighting was perfect for pictures, we knew the clock was ticking.

IMG_8504 This building really reminded us of Charleston, SC.  With its Southern charm and grandeur, it was a cute addition to the downtown area.

IMG_8517 We think this is the county courthouse (Pulaski County), but we didn’t come across any signs.  It was beautiful, though, and THIS building reminded me of the museum in Dallas, although slightly smaller.  The full article is here, if you’re interested.

From here we went toward the waterfront (which is basically behind that tall building in the picture above).  It has an area called the River Market, which is very similar to the shops at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, or Station Square in Pittsburgh.


The downtown area was wonderful; like what we expected downtown Memphis to be like, although perhaps a good bit smaller.  Like any well-revitalized downtown, there were plenty of shops, things to do, and restaurants.


For a Sunday, the downtown was hoppin’.  There were a couple activities going on, including a sizable Latino festival behind (on the water’s side) of the River Market.  People were generally friendly, and we enjoyed smelling the sounds and watching the sights.  We even came across a novelty-size ATM that was actually just a real ATM.


This was not our hotel, but was a attractive hotel right across the street from the Peabody.

IMG_8526 There were horse-drawn carriage rides.

IMG_8524 The downtown area had a trolley car, which cost about $0.50-$0.75 to ride.  Many of you know we like to try to take new public transportation, but we didn’t have time to master the system, and on a Sunday night, we figured there might be a good chance we would end up stranded outside of town as the system closed early.  We opted to stick with the ankle express.

IMG_8562After walking around for some time, we decided to get some dinner.  We had dinner at Bosco’s, a local brewpub.  I’ll let the Wife tell you about this adventure, too, but our waiter, Brock, was great.  Thanks, Brock!

We went home that night, exhausted.  We had been to Graceland, driven nearly 500 miles, and enjoyed downtown Little Rock.  We got up in the morning, and prepared to go out and see the city, again.  Mostly, we wanted to see the Clinton Presidential Library, which is within a long walk (~1 mile, not really that far) of the Peabody Hotel.  As we walked, we knew we had to do some blogging, and we needed some breakfast.  We popped back into the River Market and swung by the Boulevard Bread Company for a morning bite.  Like any good bread and pastry eatery, the food was great, but what was even more pleasant, was the staff.

IMG_8568We asked the young woman behind the counter about how long it would take to walk to the library.  That got us into a conversation about blogging (I had the camera slung over my shoulder).  As it turns out, she’s a writer and aspiring fashion-designer, and we ended up talking at length about blogging and travel writing, etc.  Her name was Katherine Whitworth, and she had just been published in Cornbread Nation 5 for an article she had recently written regarding an historic catfish house just outside of the city.  The restaurant was called the Lassis Inn, and knowing that we were foodies focused on local culture, she suggested we make it a waypoint on our journey.  You can read her entire article here.  It’s interesting.

Well, alas, we spent too much time chatting and blogging, and we ended up having to miss both the catfish house AND the presidential library.  We were disappointed in our poor time management, but we figure that’s just a great reason to go back.  The town certainly had plenty to offer weekend travelers, and we would definitely recommend it as a regional destination for short getaways, based on our experience there.


4 Responses to “Little Rock – A Pleasant Surprise and a Friendly Interlude”

  1. Leslie said

    Wonderful pictures! Sounds like you guys are making great time too while seeing all the sights!

  2. Katherine Whitworth said

    Thanks so much for the plug, guys! It was really nice to meet you, and I’m so happy to know that you enjoyed your time in Little Rock. Look me up if you ever make it back and we’ll hit the Lassis (among other places). I’ll be looking forward to reading about the rest of your travels…

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