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Cambria Suites – Oklahoma City

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on April 30, 2010

(Apparently I’m slacking in my blog post writing so the Husband has lapped me in his posts.  Today we’re taking a quick step back to Oklahoma City 🙂  )

When searching for a hotel in Oklahoma City, we had some difficulty finding a unique and/or boutique hotel in our price range.  When that search seemed to be failing, I decided to check out the Choice Hotels website to see if they had any of their boutique partner lines in the city.  Unfortunately, they didn’t, but one of their newer lines – Cambria Suites – was in the city.  It feel within our price range, had availability, and wasn’t a line we had tried before so I went ahead and booked it.  I’m glad we did 🙂

The hotel was located south of the city, near the airport I believe, but a reasonable distance from the city itself and the sites we planned to see.  Check-in was simple, the lobby was spacious and modern, and we saw a pool and decent sized fitness center.  We headed to the room to see what we got.

As soon as we walked in, we were impressed.  Immediately as you enter the room, there was a decent sized sitting area, with a couch, armchair, and nice flat panel television.

IMG_2715 Just past the sitting area, there was a desk and an artistic use of space for a separating wall.IMG_2716 The bed was plush (seriously, really, really comfortable – though perhaps too many pillows) and there was also a flat panel television.  The closet happened to be on this side of the room and when we poked our heads in, it was huge and had a very large (relatively speaking) safe (not that we used either).


The room came with a microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker.IMG_2721

And last, but not least, a spacious bathroom.  The toiletries were Bath & Body Works, which I loved.


IMG_2720 We were actually so impressed with the room, I asked the next morning at check-out if this had been an upgraded room (being frequent travelers, we sometimes qualify for upgrades at Choice Hotels).  It wasn’t! This was the standard room and we told them we were impressed.  While we didn’t interact much with the staff and stayed only the one night, we thought the service we received and both our room and the hotel were quite nice.  It was also in a location with a number of interesting restaurants to check out.  If we’re ever in Oklahoma City again, I can imagine us staying here another night.


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