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Getting moved in, still behind on posts.

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on May 3, 2010

We’re getting all moved in, now, and it seems like an unending task.  We’re hoping to get the rest of our posts out in the next couple days, but to be honest, the Duststorm in Winslow really goofed up our posting plans (no internet for the night, and left us exhausted for the next night).

Thanks for sticking with us, though, and hopefully the house will be mostly in order in the next couple days, and we’ll get our final road trip post up, and the last couple restaurants up.

Happy Monday, folks.


3 Responses to “Getting moved in, still behind on posts.”

  1. Leslie said

    Couldn’t ask for better unpacking weather than this, huh? Welcome to Vegas!

  2. Kylie said

    Well! Thank goodness you made it safely and at least you got in some good eats.

    Enjoy Vegas!

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