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Sadie’s of New Mexico

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on May 8, 2010

Hi readers! Taking a break from settling in and unpacking to get back to the cross country move posts 🙂 Sorry we’ve been gone so long!

So, where were we? Ah, yes, the Husband shared with you our Winslow, AZ story but we still have a restaurant, a brewery, and a hotel to share with you from Albuquerque!

For dinner Tuesday night in Albuquerque, we took reader Kylie’s suggestion and checked out Sadie’s.  It was only about 10 minutes from the hotel so once we were settled, we headed on over, excited to finally get some New Mexican food.  On Urbanspoon, it looked like we might face a wait, so we were excited to find out they could seat us immediately.



When we walked through the front door, we saw this sign.  We didn’t get it until we were seated at dinner.  This is a very family friendly restaurant and there are a lot of kids there.  We assume this sign tells parents to watch their kids and control them.  Apparently the family sitting next to us didn’t see the sign as their kids kept running around our table and around the room of the restaurant we were in.


As I mentioned earlier, we had been nervous about how long it would take to be seated due to online reviews.  However, this restaurant is HUGE! I’m not sure how many rooms there were or how many the restaurant could seat, but we saw at least three rooms that were quite large.


While reviewing the menu, there were so many options to choose from.


We appreciated that the beer menu clearly broke out the New Mexico beers 🙂 IMG_2886

We ended up getting one of each to share throughout the meal.  The Husband particularly enjoyed the Outlaw Lager.  To that point in the trip, this was his favorite beer on the road.  The other two were fine – nothing to write home about.


IMG_2890  IMG_2891

IMG_2900  IMG_2899

As soon as we were seated, we were brought a basket of tortilla chips and Sadie’s famous salsa.  This was amazing! And HOT! We loved it 🙂 On their website, you have the option to have some shipped to your home and the Husband and I are seriously considering it…

IMG_2888For our entrees, the Husband and I ended up ordering generally the same thing – Sadie’s Burrito.  After recommendations from the waiter, we chose to go with the “Original Grilled Ground Beef Pattie” as our filling.  It was served with frijoles and papitas (beans and potatoes?).  The Husband’s (the first pic below) also had a fried egg on top.  These dishes were HUGE! We each only got through about half and took the leftovers back to the hotel with us.  These were spicy and delicious!


IMG_2897 Both of our dishes also came with Sopapillas, essentially a hollow, thin fried dough.  I believe traditionally you put honey on them (there are honey bottles on all of the tables) and they were so good.

IMG_2898   The Husband noticed a beautiful view of the moon from our table.  Not sure if this picture captures it well enough but we wanted to share it with you anyway.IMG_2901 The Husband has previously had New Mexican food and was already a fan, but coming to Sadie’s I personally fell in love with it.  It’s spicy, but flavorful and oh so good.

The food delivery itself was a bit slower than we were used to here, but our waiter was very friendly as was his assistant.  When the waiter picked up on us being tourists who were interested in New Mexican beers, he recommended we check out a local brewery in the downtown area.  Check back later today for our review of that!

Sadie's on Urbanspoon


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