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Cross Country Part 2

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on May 9, 2010

Hi folks! The Husband and his dad are about to head out on Cross Country Move Part 2: Operation Move the Husband’s car 🙂 They will be heading from Northern Virginia (where the car is currently), to Columbus, Ohio to see family. From there, they head to Kansas City, Denver, and Richland, Utah.

Since we got such awesome suggestions from you guys for the first trip, we’re turning to you for more! Hotels are already booked, but if you have any suggestions for restaurants, breweries, or sites to see, please comment or email us! As soon as the Husband can, he’ll blog about his sites and eats as he makes his way cross country for the second time in a month 🙂


2 Responses to “Cross Country Part 2”

  1. Laura said

    Ahhhh….”Going to Kansas City, Kansas City, here you come….”(sorry its a song). Wow! He coming through KC?!?! I thought Will was the only person I could get to stop in the midwest. 🙂 Defintely needs to go to Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. They have the BEST BBQ (and has been listed on the travel channel). It is actually in Olathe, KS which is a suburb of KC on the Kansas side.
    Wishing you safe travels on your cross-country journey!

    • Sorry, Laura. I got your recommendation as I was at dinner in KC. If only we had posted a request for thoughts earlier! We ended up going to Zarda’s, which was alright, but I won’t be blogging about it. Pops and I also enjoyed a couple beers from Boulevard Brewing, which was good. Sorry we missed out!

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