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Tyber Creek Pub

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on May 11, 2010

*Note* I wrote this post before we moved but wanted to try to post the move posts as we went along.  While I wait for the SD card to get back here, you’ll see some older, unpublished Charlotte posts to fill your time.  Enjoy! 🙂

Nearly every time we drive through South End, heading north on South Blvd, the Husband smiles as he passes Tyber Creek Pub.  We first checked this pub out way back in the beginning of our time in Charlotte, well before we started the blog, and we didn’t make it back often enough for the Husband.  When we were trying to decide on a place to go with friends on one of our last night’s in Charlotte, he suggested we head here so we could finally get it on the blog.


Tyber Creek Pub is known for its $2 Guinness Draughts – all day, every day.  Not being big Guinness drinkers, we’ve never really benefited from it, but we have been able to enjoy their beer list from time to time.


During this visit, they were out of the Sweetwater 420 (one of the Husband’s faves) so he had a Sierra Nevada and later into the evening a Bad Penny.  I stuck to water this time around.



Tyber Creek Pub is situated on a corner on South Blvd, hidden a bit down a hill and behind some trees.  They have a decent sized patio out front and it’s relatively quiet even though it’s near the street.  There’s an outdoor bar, but we haven’t been there often enough to see it actually functioning (I assume there’s a bartender outside from time to time).


The menu itself is small but sufficient for a pub.  There’s a page of tasty pub appetizers and I don’t recall disliking any of them.

IMG_2217 Inside the menu, you can select from sandwiches, pizza, and salads.

IMG_2218After enjoying good company, the group decided that they were starting to get hungry (me in particular without beer to distract me).  I ordered a Chicken Quesadilla to start and shared it with the Husband.  We were actually quite impressed with how good this was! Something about the cheese was quite wonderful.IMG_2221 When we planned this outing, there was no doubt about what the Husband would want to order – the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  It has spicy marinara, cheese, buffalo chicken, and a ranch sauce.  This pizza is fabulous – one we’ll definitely miss.

IMG_2222 Look how tasty that looks 🙂IMG_2223 From our handful of times dining here, I don’t think there’s anything we don’t recommend.  If you’re looking for a pub with pretty good pub food (especially if you like Guinness), we recommend Tyber Creek Pub!

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