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Which beer to choose?!?! Happy Hour at Yard House

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on May 16, 2010

Friday night, the Husband, his dad and I met up with our friends D & S for happy hour at the Yard House (note – the link doesn’t seem to work in Chrome but works fine in IE).  We’d received a recommendation to check it out and between the huge beer selection and good happy hour food specials, we couldn’t pass it up.  After checking out the reviews on Urbanspoon, the consensus seemed to be that if we’re going, Happy Hour is the time to check it out.  It’s only from 3-6pm so since we had to work, we decided to meet between 4:30 and 5 to get a handful of appetizers and beers before the happy hour prices ended.

It’s located in the Town Square Las Vegas (which is where Frye’s is as a point of reference).  We were impressed with the area, with lots of shops and restaurants, but it took us a while to find it.  We got to the point where we asked someone, when we happened to be actually right in front of it 🙂


As soon as you walk in the restaurant, you can see a room that has a number of the kegs for the restaurant.  There are more than 100 beers on tap! IMG_3005 When we arrived, we decided to wait a few minutes to get a table to wait for our friends.  We had the option of being seated immediately inside the restaurant or to wait an hour for an outdoor table.  Since happy hour would be over by then, we definitely went for a table.  While we waited for our friends, though, I admired their very leafy waiting area.  IMG_3009 Do you see all those taps? That’s only 1/4 of them!


The restaurant had good sized booths and lots of tables.  The entire bar, which was huge, had seats all the way around as well.  There were many, many tvs showing different sporting events (basketball and hockey that night), so this seems like potentially a good sports bar, especially if you want to keep track of multiple games at once.

IMG_3022 We looked over the full menu quickly but headed straight to the happy hour menu on the inside back cover.IMG_3011

IMG_3012 As you can see, the happy hour specials are pretty good and available five nights a week and then again late night 4 nights a week.



IMG_3015 Then there’s the beer menu… it’s HUGE!  At first I didn’t know what to order… when the waiter Danny (Daniel?) asked what I liked, I advised I like everything except IPAs so that didn’t really narrow things down too much 🙂 He’s had every beer on the menu and was able to provide some recommendations as we talked through the list a bit.


IMG_3017 D&S still hadn’t arrived yet, so the Husband, his dad, and I went ahead and ordered beers while we waited.  From left to right, the Husband had a Lost Coast Indica (IPA), I had the Fuller’s London Porter, and his dad had the Kronenbourg 1664.  Yum!IMG_3020 Our friends, when they arrived not too much longer, each ordered a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. The menu noted that there were “six packs” available.  When we asked what those were, we learned they were Yard House’s version of a sampler.  However, instead of choosing which samples you get, they have two pre-set ones available.  The Husband and I decided to split one later in the evening and when with Sampler #1 of the night.  From left to right, starting at the bottom row and then coming back to the top left beer we had: Lost Coast Raspberry Brown, Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat, Paulaner Hefeweizen, Modelo Especial, Negro Modelo, and Firestone Pale Ale. IMG_3024 The two Lost Coast fruity beers both had a very strong fruity nose.  I preferred the Tangerine to the Raspberry.  I loved the Paulaner and enjoyed the Negro Modelo while the Husband enjoyed the Firestone and the Modelo Especial.  I really enjoy sharing samplers with him 🙂

Time for the appetizers! We decided to get a number to share.  Although many of the online reviews didn’t think much of the food, we were quite impressed with the appetizers.

The first to the table was the Chicken Nachos.  Pretty much what you expect in chicken nachos so I won’t bore you with the ingredients.  It was layered well.

IMG_3025 Next on the table was the Seared Ahi Tuna Sashimi.  It was very peppery on the outside and perfectly seared.  It was on top of a soy glaze, I believe and had the traditional sushi sides of ginger and wasabi.

IMG_3026 An appetizer recommended by our waiter was the Spinach Cheese Dip. This was fantastic and we ended up ordering another!

IMG_3027 Instead of getting any main courses, we also ordered two orders of the Traditional Sliders.  They were basically ground beef and cheese on soft rolls with a side of perfectly crisp fries.  Tasted better than they look in this photo.

IMG_3028 Overall, we were quite impressed with happy hour.  Our waiter was very knowledgeable and friendly and gave great recommendations.  The service across the board was great.  All of the staff we dealt with were friendly and helpful.  The food was good and the drinks were refreshing.

I will note though that the regular prices of the appetizers (we got them half price since it was happy hour) are not worth it in my mind, mostly because I believe appetizers shouldn’t be more than $10 a plate unless they’re a sampler.  Most of the appetizer regular prices were $12-$15.

As I mentioned before, we didn’t get any entrees, but they seemed more reasonably priced for entrees.  We will definitely be back as there is a mac n cheese on the menu that looks delish! Plus we have so many more beers to try 🙂 For those of you outside of Las Vegas, here is where they’re located in other cities.


Yard House on Urbanspoon


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