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Sweet Tomatoes

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on May 25, 2010

This weekend, the Husband and I were in Charleston, SC for our good friends’ wedding.  We spent all day today attempting to get home as our flight from Charlotte to Chicago was delayed many hours due to multiple mechanical problems and it was ultimately cancelled.  We got rebooked on another airline and made it back to Las Vegas in the late afternoon.  The Husband and I hoped to get a handful of things done this afternoon/evening so we decided to check out Sweet Tomatoes prior to heading to the grocery store for the week (after getting a car wash and signing up for the gym!).

Sweet Tomatoes is a Salad Buffet restaurant, which was exactly what we were craving after traveling this past weekend.


The Husband had been to one before so he knew how it worked, but I appreciated that as soon as I walked in, I understood what I needed to do.  Upon entering the restaurant, we were to collect a tray and then we could head down the salad bar, collecting as much as we wanted on our first go.

IMG_3029 The first section of salads included pre-tossed salads.  We watched an employee tossing the salads at the front of the buffet so we knew they were fresh.

IMG_3030 Our options included Caesar Salad Asiago, Won Ton Chicken Happiness, and Rajun Cajun. I grabbed a small bit of the first and the third.



IMG_3033 Up next was the build-your-own salad section.  It had lots of traditional items as well as some unique items.

IMG_3034 I was particularly excited to find Butternut squash and Beets 🙂

IMG_3035 The main salad bar also had some premade cold salads.  I didn’t grab any as my salad plate was already full.

IMG_3036 After this last section of the salad bar, we found ourselves at the cashier where we paid for the buffet itself (which is way more than salad as you’ll see below) and beverages.  We had a coupon for a free dinner with the purchase of another adult meal and two drinks.  Even without the coupon, we were quite impressed with the price at less than $10 per person for the buffet.

After paying, the Husband and I found a table and began enjoying our salads.


IMG_3038 I then went off to explore the rest of the restaurant.  There was the section for beverages.  It included the traditional soda fountain as well as teas, juices, and lemonade.




The rest of the buffet sections included…

Soup (a wide variety!)




A bakery which included muffins, brownies, other desserts, and cheesy bread





A pasta bar which included three pastas… one of them was mac n cheese which I found to be better than it looked and fine for a reasonably priced buffet (not great)



There was also a baked potato bar – an area I’ll check out more the next time I visit I think.


Last but not least, they had a sundae bar!  Our options were Vanilla, Chocolate, and Swirl of Dreyer’s non-fat fro yo.  It also included a small selection of toppings.  A great dessert!



IMG_3041 IMG_3049

As I was running around the restaurant taking photos, a father noticed my camera and asked if I was a blogger.  He mentioned that his daughter also blogs and called her over.  As she and I started chatting, I realized that I read her blog! 🙂 Hi Kristen from Swanky Dietician! It was fun running into you! Hope you enjoyed your time with your family.  The blog community is so small.  I started reading Kristen after reading Kristen from Eating RD who I started reading after she and my friend Diana from The Chic Life met in Charlotte. I love the blogger community!

Okay, back to Sweet Tomatoes! For the price and convenience, we really enjoyed Sweet Tomatoes.  It’s not a fancy restaurant and doesn’t pretend to be.  There’s a decent selection and appears to be quite family friendly.  They have seasonal themes and I imagine we’ll definitely be back in June as there’s a Strawberry theme (my favorite fruit!).


As a final tangent, we found the following card on the table.  While up getting more food, if you left the card Tomato side up, the staff would know you’re coming back. IMG_3057 If you flipped it to the other side, they would know you’ve left.

IMG_3058So, in the words of teh 10 year old customer who designed the back, See You Next Thyme 🙂

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2 Responses to “Sweet Tomatoes”

  1. Nate said

    I heart sweet tomatoes. I recommend using the soup bowls at the sundae bar, and putting in a brownie from the bakery in the bottom of the bowl before dispensing the ice cream. Also, if you want chicken for your salad, take it from the chicken noodle soup, rather than paying $1.99 extra for it at the salad bar.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! That was so funny how we met! Definitely love meeting bloggers!
    I love all your pics. I love that Sweet Tomatoes is super quick but they have a good selection. Your sundae looks delish!

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